How to contact us

LSE Nursery
8a Wild Street

Tel: +44 (0)20 7107 5966

Tel: +44 (0)20 7106 1241



Nursery Manager:
Mrs Mamselle Jackson

Nursery Deputy Manager:
Mrs Janine Bye

Nursery Administrator:
Mrs Bedia Bulut

Senior Nursery Officer:
Mrs Mirei Carlitos


Who's who

Management team

Mrs Mamselle Jackson
Jackson, Mamselle - Nursery Manager
Health and Safety Co-ordinator and in charge of safeguarding and child protection.  Responsible for the day to day management of the nursery
Contact details:  020 7107 5966
MA in early years education, BA, PGCE, National Diploma in nursery nursing, Childcare assessor (A1 & A2)

Janine Bye
Bye, Janine - Deputy Manager
Special Educational Needs coordinator and in charge of behaviour management
Contact details: 020 7107 5966
Qualication: NVQ Level 3. Level 3 Leadership and Management

Bedia Bulut

Bulut, Bedia -Nursery Administrator
Bedia is also the nursery Fire Warden
Contact details: 020 7107 5966

Baby room staff

Stella Aguirre
Aguirre, Stella - Nursery Officer (Room Leader)
Shadow SENCO.
Contact details : 020 7107 5968
Qualification: NVQ Level 3,  Level 3 Leadership and Management.

Dinise Sagwete 
Dinise (Tatenda) Sagwete - Nursery Assistant 
Dinise is our multi cultural activities organiser.
Contact details: 020 7107 5968
Qualification; NVQ Level 3

Tirset Yimer 
Yimer, Tirset - Nursery Assistant 
Contact Details: 020 7107 5969
Location: Lion Cubs
Qualification: NVQ Level 3

Tweenie room staff




Mamou Diangana 
Diangana, Mamou - Nursery Assistant
Contact details:  020 7107 5969
Location: Tiger Cubs
Qualification: NVQ Level 2, Foundation Degree in Childhood Studies.

Madhuka Jaysena

Jaysena, Madhuka - Nursery Officer
Contact details: 020 7107 5958
Qualification: NVQ Level 3

Olivia Parra-Navarrete

Parra-Navarrete, Olivia -  Nursery Assistant 
Contact Details: 020-7107 5968
Qualification: NVQ Level 3  

Toddler room staff  

Jacqueline Smith

Smith, Jacqueline- Nursery Officer (Room Leader)
Contact details: 020 7107 5969
Qualification: NNEB in childcare 

Nacha Ndila


Ndila, Nacha - Nursery Officer (Room Leader)
Contact details: 020 7107 5969
Qualification: NVQ Level 3, Foundation Degree in Childhood Studies.


Pre-school room staff

Mirei Carlitos 

Carlitos, Mirei - Senior Nursery Officer. 
Mirei is also the 2nd nursery Fire Warden and Equal Opportunities officer . 
Contact details: 020 7107 5968
Qualifacation: NVQ Level 3, NVQ Level 3 Management, Foundation Degree in Psychology for Education Professionals

Anthony Martin 
Martin, Anthony - Nursery Officer
Co-ordinates physical activities including the annual sports events.
Contact details: 020 7107 5969
Qualification: NVQ Level 3

Hourly paid staff

Maria R Raules 
Raules, Maria R -
 Nursery Assistant (bank staff)
Contact details: 020 7107 5968
Location; Floating between rooms
Qualification: NVQ Level 3    

Catering staff

Doris Buckle
Buckle, Doris - Nursery Chef
Contact Details: 020 7107 5966
Location: Nursery Kitchen