Placement policy

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If requests for admission exceed the number of places available you will be placed on a waiting list if a suitable place is not immediately available. During your time on the waiting list you will be contacted from time to time to determine whether you are still interested in a place and also to give you some indication of when a place is likely to become available. However, you are also encouraged to contact the Nursery Management ( Email|, Tel  020-7107-5966 ) to ascertain the latest position regarding occupancy. It is essential to the efficient running of the nursery and to other prospective parents/carers that you notify the nursery immediately should you make alternative childcare arrangements and no longer require a place.

Once the nursery is aware that a place is going to become available, the parents/carers at the top of the list with a child of the correct age for the vacancy ( either 3 months - 2 years or 2 years - 5 years ) will be offered that place. Usually this will be some weeks or months in advance of the place becoming available. On most occasions the place is accepted, but in instances where the place is not taken up, it is offered to the next parent/carer on the list with a child of the appropriate age for the vacancy.

Places are offered on the following basis:

  1. Priority is given to those intending to use the nursery on a full-time basis.

  2. Priority is given to parents/carers who already have one child registered at the nursery.

  3. Two part-time places will be available solely to staff or students whose LSE status is part-time.

  4. Full-time places may be offered temporarily on a part-time basis to new part-time applicants should there be no suitable parent/carer on the waiting list to take the place on a full-time basis.

  5. Similarly, part-time places may be offered temporarily to new parents/carers wishing full-time care should there be no parents/carers on the waiting list for a part-time place.

In cases ( iv ) and ( v ), such offers are dependent on no parents/carers applying to the nursery who are more suitable for that place. Should this happen, then the parents/carers of the child occupying a full-time place on a part-time basis will be given the option of taking the place on a full-time basis or, should they not wish to do so, will be given a minimum of four weeks notice. The parents/carers of a child occupying a part-time place on a full-time basis will be given a minimum of four weeks notice.

Should the parent/carer of a child occupying a full-time place wish to move to part-time, this will only be permitted should the parent be changing to a part-time School status and on condition that a part-time place is available.

Parents/carers who take up part-time places are required to provide precise information of the days when they wish to bring their child to the nursery.

Once a child has been allocated a place on an agreed basis, it is expected that parents/carers will adhere to these arrangements. Failure to do so may result in termination of the contract. The allocation of a place must continue normally through the vacation on the same basis as during term time.

Nursery places will not normally be held open for sabbatical, research or any other leave of absence.

Anyone wishing to book out ( not register ) for the summer session July - September will be required to pay a non-refundable retainer of four weeks fees, if they wish to keep their place for the next session beginning the following October.

Termination of Registration

This may occur when:

  1. The child has reached the age limit.

  2. At least one parent is no longer a staff or student member of LSE.

  3. Failure to register for 5 days without contact or prior notification.

  4. If, despite best efforts, a child fails to settle, the contract may be terminated with immediate effect at the sole discretion of the Nursery Manager.

  5. Parents/carers wishing to terminate their registration must give four weeks notice in writing to the Nursery Manager