Parental / carer involvement

The importance of continuity between home and the Nursery cannot be over-stressed.  Our aim is to develop an honest, open and supportive relationship with you which complements life in your home rather than contradicts it.  We are very aware of our influence as a role model for your child and without your extensive knowledge of your child we would be unable to enhance your child's development.  Nursery staff are always available to discuss your child and their development. 

We welcome participation in the Nursery User Group from all parents/carers.  The group meets on a term basis to discuss issues, trends and developments of broad interest and concern to users of the nursery.

To find out more information regarding these meetings please contact:

  • Early Years Centre Manager on 020-7107-5966

  • Chair of User's Meeting Steve Gibbons on 020-7107-5966