Mobile Phone and Social Media

Mobile Phone Policy 

The Nursery allows staff to have their mobile phone in the setting, for the purpose of receiving and making calls during their lunch breaks . No staff should take their mobile phones into the play rooms. Lockers are provided for every member of staff where they can lock away their valuables. If you need to make a call or you are expecting an important phone call then you can either give out the office number or extension number to your room. 

Can Staff be aware that the office phone is only to be used for nursery related matters, not to be used for personal calls. It is at the discretion of management to allow staff to use the office phone for calls outside Nursery business. In this case you may be questioned about the nature of your call.

 Under no circumstance should any member of staff use their mobile phones to take photographs of the children  within the setting,  any such event will result in disciplinary action which could lead to dismissal. 


Social Media

Staff may only   use the computers in the play- rooms to access the internet for reasons relating to the nursery, to find materials and to access reports and government legislation. Staff may not access personal emails without permission from the management and under no circumstances are they allowed access to social networking sites whilst in the play rooms.

Staff have access to computers in the Staff room which they are free to use during their lunch break or when off duty.

Any staff found to be accessing social networking sites or other websites not relating to work either via the computer in the play rooms or their mobile phones, even if they are on lunch break, or off duty,  will be subject to disciplinary action.

The LSE Day nursery recognises the lines between public and private and personal and professional are blurred in online social networks. You should therefore recognise the potential for damage to be caused (either directly or indirectly ) to the Nursery and School in certain circumstances through your personal use of social media, when you can be identified as an LSE employee.


Only disclose and discuss publicly available information.

Be careful about what you say and how it might be interpreted, particularly discussing topics which can be inflammatory or expose matters of confidentiality.


Use Social media sites for contacting Parents or carers , unless this has been authorised by the manager.

Use social media to display images connected with your job in the nursery. E.g. images of children or staff without the staff’s permission.

Please be aware that defamatory comments posted by an employee on his or her Facebook page can be used as evidence in the employees disciplinary proceedings, as long as that evidence is obtained by lawful means.