Fire evacuation procedure

What to do in the event of fire will form a part of the introduction/induction of new members of staff to the LSE Early Years Centre.

  • On discovering a fire / or the fire alarm sounding, evacuate the building from the nearest fire door:
  • A ) front door and  assemble in Peabody Trust Main Entrance on Wild Street or
  • B ) back door and assemble in front of the Prince Of Wales Pub on Great Queen Street.
  • Only tackle small fires yourself using the appropriate fire appliances and where there is no risk to yourself.
  • The Manager or one of the Senior Staff, will telephone the fire brigade if necessary.
  • On evacuating the building act calmly and quietly to avoid alarming / scaring the children. Take care on the stairs, do not rush the children which may result in accidents, provide reassurance and do not use the lift.
  • The Senior Staff in charge of each room must take the register with them.
  • The Manager and Chef will help in the babies room taking babies out of the building.
  • Do not enter the building until informed it is safe to do so by the Manager, Senior Staff or Fire Brigade.
  • Once the children are in the assembly points Senior Staff of each room must take a quick register to ensure that all the children are together in the safe point.
  • Once all the staff / children have vacated the building, a register must be taken for each group room by the fire wardens.