Arrival and departure of children

It is essential that parents/carers always notify a member of staff of their arrival and hand over there child to member of staff.

We must be informed if anyone other than the parent/carer or the persons mentioned as authorised to collect your child changes. You would then need to give the nursery a password which you would have issued to the person collecting the child.

To  make the day meaningful to the child and to avoid disruption to the routine eg Lunch time and Sleep/rest times  parents are requested to ensure that their child is present by 11.30am if a child is not in by that time they would have to wait till 1.30pm to be admitted for the afternoon session, when all children would have woken up and started their afternoon activities and routines. Only in exceptional cases, and with prior notification, will children be admitted after 11.30am and before 1.30pm at the Manager's discretion. If a parent intends to bring his/her child in for 11.30am they would still have to give prior notification to the   nursery ,in order for lunch to be prepared for that child.

A child being collected after the session's closing time is also likely to occur from time to time. The following procedures set out action to be taken at the time and subsequently.

The Nursery closes promptly each day at 6.15p.m. and parents and other responsible adult should be on the premises by this time.

When completing the induction formalities, staff should discuss with parents the importance of being on time, and the importance of contacting the nursery on 0207 107 5966 or 0207 106 1241 if there are any problems with transport, etc.

If the parent or other responsible adult listed on the registration form are unable to collect the child, the parent should give details to the staff of the person who will be collecting. This must include their name, physical descriptions and any other information staff or parent may deem appropriate or a password which then be shared with the staff on duty would    If your child is not collected on time, our legal liability relating to the staff/child ratio will be infringed as two members of staff must remain at the nursery until the last child has been collected Any parent/carer who is late collecting their child will have to pay a charge which helps to cover the additional staffing costs incurred for this reason. 

The charge is £5 for the first 5 minutes, with an additional £5 for every 5 minutes thereafter. We take lateness very seriously as the Nursery is only insured until 6.15pm when all staff and parent/children should have vacated the premises.

If you have made no contact to the Nursery within 30 minutes (6.45pm) after closing time. Manager/Senior Member of staff will contact Westminster Social Service.