Nursery garden

The LSE Nursery would like to thank the LSE Annual Fund for granting £12,000 to revamp our garden. 

We decorated, laid new flooring and added much needed equipment and seating for the children to enjoy for years to come. 

The music and activity panels were selected with children's key learning areas in mind, as defined in the seven learning goals.

Music panels,   Xylophone – Shaker – Bongos 

Music plays an important part in a child's sensory development and these panels constructed from durable material, provides a high quality sound and great deal of fun.

Activity panels, 
Abacus – Pairs – Ball Maze

Brightly coloured creative and eye catching panels that would catch most children's attention. Designed for young children, wall panels develop a child's visual recognition, role play, alphabetical and numerical skills.Encourage working together, interactive and social skills and enhance the playtime experience.

Wall number panels

Great to encourage children to learn to count.

Sand and water play
This activity provides wonderful messy play which the children adore.

Eye catching colours bring life to garden space, and the mini mushroom type seating is great for the children.   

However because our garden is not as spacious as we would like it , we take the children out everyday  to the different  play areas in our vicinity. In these parks they have the opportunity to engage in gross physical play like running and jumping  and other activities.

 Garden New     Garden New 

 Garden New     Garden New 

 Garden New     Garden New