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User Group Meeting: Wednesday 28th May 2014.

Nursery Governance Committee:  Wednesday 11th June 2014.

Inset Days: Friday Wednesday 16th April 2014, Friday 4th July and Tuesday 23rd December 2014 some parents are new to the nursery, these days are staff training days and the nursery is closed.

Staff Meeting Dates: Wednesday 26th March, Wednesday 28th May, Monday 23rd June, Wednesday 23rd July, Monday 18th August, Tuesday 16th September, Tuesday 14th October, Tuesday 11th November, Tuesday 9th December 2014.

Parent Review Dates: w/c 6/5/-19/5/ then 20/10/-31/10/2014.

Open days: Wednesday 21st May and Tuesday 4th November

Nursery Outing: Family Fun Day to the Princess Diana Memorial Park 20/06/2014

Sports Day:  Thursday 3rd July 2014 (TBC)

Christmas 2014:
Christmas Lunch for all (parents included) Wednesday 3rd December
Christmas Party Friday 5th December

Holiday closure:  Easter Closure last day will be Thursday 17th April 2014 returning on Thursday 24th April 2014, Christmas Closure: last day will be Wednesday 24th December 2014 returning on Monday 5th January 2015.

Any additional dates for other events throughout the year you will be informed in good time.

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