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LSE Nursery
8a Wild Street

Tel: +44 (0)20 7107 5966

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Nursery Manager:
Mrs Mamselle Jackson

Nursery Deputy Manager:
Mrs Janine Bye

Nursery Administrator:
Mrs Bedia Bulut

Senior Nursery Officer:
Mrs Mirei Carlitos


Tiger Cubs: our tweenie room

The tweenie room is for our 'older' babies, aged 17 to 24 months. To see who looks after them there, visit:  Who's who

Daily room routine

  • 8.45 to 10.15am: arrivals and free play
  • 10.30am: focused activities
  • 10.45am: nappy changes
  • 11am: group time
  • 11.15am: lunch time
  • 12.00 to 2.00pm: sleep time
  • 2 pm: milk time and nappy changes
  • 2.15 to 3.00pm: free play
  • 3.15pm: tea time
  • 4pm: nappy changes
  • 4.15pm: songs and rhyme time
  • 4.30 - 6.15pm: free play and home time

Lily’s day

Lily greeted the staff with a big smile. Her dad said "good morning" to us and then she said "good morning". As soon as her Dad opened the door to the room, Lily called out to her friends and joined the group.

Lily helped to hand out the morning snacks of dried banana and bread sticks to her friends. We had fun eating the snacks and having a sing-a-long session. Lily's favourite song is ‘The Wheels on the Bus’, which she sang out loud and confidently, adding the actions.  

Then it was time for creative play. Lily used some chalk to do make some marks, then walked around the room and showed her work to everyone.

Lily ran to the sink, to be the first to wash her hands for lunch time. She ate all her lunch and asked for more; when she finished she held her plate up and said "Lily finished" and "Lily wash hands".

When it came to sleep time, Lily looked for her bed but ended up sitting on another child’s sleep mat. She patted the child whilst saying "Sleep time, sleep time", before finding her own bed. Then she took her dummy from her Key Person and laid down for her nap.

Lily woke up for our afternoon Hip Hops Tots dance session; she really seemed to enjoy herself, jumping around, clapping and shouting.

Time for tea next, followed by playing in the garden. Lily sat on the see saw, but she decided she wasn't enjoying it because the child on the other side was going too fast for her liking. Lily got off the see saw and we found her something else to do instead: playing the musical panels and singing ‘Twinkle Twinkle Little Star’.

When Lily’s daddy came to pick her up at home time, she greeted him with a big hug and said her goodbyes.

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