Well-being and stress management

Welcome to the Well-being and stress management page.  This page attempts to bring together the various policies, information and resources concerning well-being and stress management available in the School.

What do we mean by Well-being?

In the context of work "employee well-being" is having the right conditions in place to enable employees to work at their optimum level, whilst maintaining an appropriate work - life balance.

Work is good for you. Evidence demonstrates that people in work have less mental illness than those who are not working. However if work is not effectively designed, organised and managed it can have a negative impact on employee health.  The School has a duty to take reasonably practical steps to prevent potential harm to their employees' mental well being as well as their physical health and safety.  The Employee Well-being policy (pdf) sets out the School's aspirations for employee well-being, as well as the role that employees at all levels of the organisation have in helping to achieve these aspirations.

Key objectives of the Employee Well-being policy are: 

  • To create a working environment where potential work-related stressors are avoided as far as is practicable, minimised or mitigated through good management practices, effective Human Resources policies and staff development;
  • To increase managers' and employees' awareness of the causes and effects of stress;
  • To develop a culture that is open and supportive of people experiencing stress or other forms of mental ill-health;
  • To developing the competence of managers through the Knowledge, Skills and Behaviours framework, so that they manage staff effectively and fairly;
  • To engage with staff to create constructive and effective working partnerships both within teams and across the School;
  • To establish working arrangements whereby employees feel they are able to maintain an appropriate work - life balance;
  • To encourage staff to take responsibility for their own health and well-being through effective health promotion programmes and initiatives;
  • To encourage staff to take responsibility for their own work and effectiveness as a means of reducing their own stress and that of their colleagues.



For employees

Counselling Service

The School provides a confidential counselling service, which is open to all staff. See the Staff Counselling Service web page for details.

Well-being courses and activities

The Counselling Service run workshops for staff every term on:
Sleep Well
Developing Emotional Resilience
Overcoming Procrastination
Mindfulness and Stress Management

Places can be booked using the Training System, but staff are welcome to drop in without booking in advance.

Throughout the year the School runs a range of well-being activities for staff including exercise and dance classes. These are advertised in Staff News and on the Staff Wellbeing website.

Problems with working relationships

The School has established a Mediation scheme designed to help staff improve their working relationships without the use of formal procedures.  

The formal procedures for Grievances or Disciplinary action can be found on the HR website.

For managers

Self-assessment tool

The Health and Safety Executive in conjunction with the Chartered Institute of Personnel and Development (CIPD) have produced a self assessment tool for managers to help them reflect on their management style to assess how their behaviour helps to manage workplace stress. 

Guidance for managers

HSE guidance for managers on well-being and stress management (PDF).

Managers' guide to mental health issues

Guidance produced by SHIFT, an organisation which aims to eliminate the stigma attached to persons suffering from mental health difficulties. The guidance (PDF) helps managers to support staff who may be experiencing mental health issues.

HR Toolkits

Human Resources have produced a range of toolkits to guide managers through people management issues. Managers can also access an online People Management Toolkit.

HR arrange occasional online seminars ("webinars") for line managers, with an emphasis on helping employees balance their family life with work. These can be accessed via the HR Website

For students

Visit the Disability and Well-being Service web pages.

Look at the resources provided on the Student Counselling Service web pages or visit them in 20 Kingsway (KSW G507).

The LSE Students' Union also has a range of support services for Students.

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