Managing asbestos

The Estates Division is responsible for putting procedures in place for the School to be able to manage asbestos-containing material (ACM) in School premises in order to prevent its staff, students, contractors and other visitors to the School from being exposed to asbestos fibres. These are set out in the School asbestos policy, which is available on the Estates web pages - see Asbestos Management Policy Documentation.

Departments must not undertake any work that involves drilling into, removing or disturbing the building fabric, eg surface coatings, panels etc, without consulting Estates. This includes minor work such as drilling walls to erect shelving or run cabling. The Estates Division maintains an asbestos register that records the location of ACM in the School and halls of residence. Departments wishing to obtain information on the location of ACM in their areas should complete an asbestos request form available from the Estates Division's Asbestos Management Policy Documentation page.