Local policy statements

Departmental managers (DMs) in academic departments and heads of divisions in central administration are required to produce a 'local policy statement' that sets out how they will implement the School's health and safety policy in their particular department or service. 

The details required in this 'local policy statement' should be commensurate with the complexity of risks arising out of the work undertaken by the department or service. A template (Word) is available for Departments and Divisions to use if they so wish however as a minimum the 'local policy statement' should contain the following:

  • Name and contact details of the nominated health and safety coordinator
  • Name and contact details of other staff assigned specific health and safety functions, eg first aider, fire wardens
  • Name and contact details of the person responsible for undertaking risk assessments
  • List of activities undertaken in the department that will require risk assessments, and any relevant control measures identified
  • Details of how staff can access copies of completed risk assessments
  • Details of how staff can access fire action instructions and other relevant emergency information
  • Details of how staff report accidents, incidents and near misses, including location of accident book or forms
  • Details of how health and safety issues within the department or division can be raised and discussed, eg team meetings

The 'local policy statement' should be dated and signed by the DM or head of division or service.