Health and safety training

The Health and Safety Team provides training for staff to enable them to acquire the skills and knowledge to make them competent in the health and safety aspects of their work, whatever their position in the organisation. They also arrangement workshops for travellers to High or Extreme risk destinations or of lone female travellers. Training can be booked via the LSE's Training System.

Support can also be given in form of coaching.

Line managers must ensure that all reasonable efforts are made to release staff to attend health and safety training.

Induction training

Health and Safety induction forms part of the Flying start induction programme and of the new Academic staff induction. All new entrants should attend induction sessions to ensure that they receive adequate information on the School arrangements for health and safety, including fire precautions.

First day induction

Line managers must ensure that new employees, work experience trainees, agency staff and other temporary staff are immediately made aware of the School's health and safety policy and any departmental health and safety procedures.