Hazard reporting

If you identify a hazard or an unsafe system of work you should report it in the first instance to your line manager or relevant health and safety coordinator. If for any reason these are not available you should report it to the School's Head of Health and Safety on 3677. If there is an immediate risk of serious injury you should report the hazard to the Estates emergency number on 2444 or to Security on 666.

You should take steps to isolate the equipment or work area in question, and to warn others of the hazard by posting warning notices.

The health and safety coordinator should report maintenance issues to the Estates help desk on extension 2444 or via the Estates web page. Maintenance issues include:

  • electrical faults;
  • fire extinguishers discharged;
  • trip hazards from defective flooring or trailing cables;
  • fire doors not closing properly
  • missing fire exit signs.