Electrical safety

Staff and students must not undertake any work on electrical equipment or installations, including resetting trip fuses, without receiving sufficient training.

The Estates Division will arrange for fixed electrical installations to be tested every three years. All installations will conform to the requirements of the latest edition of the Institution of Electrical Engineers' Regulations for Electrical Installations, and all work must be carried out in accordance with the Electricity at Work Regulations.

Electrical socket outlets must not be overloaded, and where it is necessary to use extension leads, these should be the fused and switched type to prevent overloading.

Before using any piece of electrical equipment, staff and students must undertake a visual inspection to ensure that the plug tops, leads and outer castings are free from defects.

The electrical equipment must be suitable for the environment in which it is to be used. Only portable or low voltage equipment should be used in outside areas.

The Estates Division will arrange for portable electrical appliances used on the Houghton Street, in LSE Halls of Residences and at the Sports Ground to be tested at appropriate intervals .