Health and Safety Coordinator resources


Health and Safety Coordinators are appointed to co-ordinate health and safety procedures for their respective units (typically Departments or Divisions), and are the focal point for receiving and disseminating health and safety information.

Among the typical activities of health and safety coordinators are:

  • maintaining the Local Safety Policy Statement, assigning roles to other staff as required, and producing supporting information for staff;
  • Drafting local fire procedures and appointing fire wardens for the areas occupied by their unit;
  • acting on concerns identified by online risk assessments of computer workstations, (see Complywise below below);
  • arranging and co-ordinating other risk assessments for their units (e.g. pregnant worker, work experience, homeworking, manual handling);
  • receiving notifications of accidents from staff, students and others, carrying out a first investigation, making sure the area is safe (e.g. by contacting Estates), and notifying the Health and Safety Team (e.g. by completing and sending an Accident form);
  • carrying out periodic inspections of the areas occupied by the unit and/or their activities.
In September 2014, the Executive Health and Safety Group approved a Framework Document. This draws together in one place the responsibilities placed on Departments in different Health and Safety policies. Coordinators and managers will find it a useful reference to the School's expectations.


The School is obliged to provide all employees with annual health and safety training. The School uses Complywise an online training and risk assessment programme to deliver this training.  See the Complywise page for more information. 

All Health and Safety Co-ordinators have "Supervisor" permissions to access training records and risk assessment reports for staff in their department.  Health and Safety Co-ordinators or their nominees will receive email communication from the Complywise system when a member of their staff identifies a concern following a risk assessment of their computer workstation.  This allows the Co-ordinator to take appropriate remedial action or pass the concern onto the relevant department e.g. Health and Safety or Estates.   Complywise have  produced a manual for Supervisors on how to use the records management and reports area of the system. 

Checklists, forms and templates available

This resource brings together all the checklists and forms currently provided to assist Health and Safety Coordinators discharge their functions. See the relevant Arrangement for guidance.


Accidents (including Violence, Near Misses)

Accident/Dangerous Occurrence Report Form (PDF)

Violence at Work Report Form (PDF)

Fire Procedures

Fire Procedure template (general campus) (Word)

Fire Procedures for the Towers (PDF)

Fire Procedures for the NAB (PDF)

Local Safety Policy Statement

Local Policy Statement template (Word)

Office Inspections Office Inspection Checklist (Word)
Risk Assessments

Risk Assessment Procedure (Word)

Home working (Word)

Young people and Work Experience (Word)

Manual Handling (Word)

Events (Word)

Fieldwork (site)

Training Requests

Training Request form (PDF)




Training for coordinators is advertised and can be booked on the LSE's Training and Development system (

Among the courses offered are:

  • Introductory course for Health and Safety coordinators and managers
  • CIEH Level 2: Introduction to Health and Safety
  • CIEH Level 3: Health and Safety in the Workplace
  • CIEH Level 2: Principles of Risk Assessment
  • CIEH Level 3: Principles and Practice of Risk Assessment