Consulting on health and safety issues

The School is required to have arrangements for consulting with its employees on health  and safety. The School discharges this duty mainly through the operation of the Consultative Health and Safety Group.

Trade union-appointed safety representatives

The Trade Unions recognised by the School have each appointed a Trade Union Safety Representative to represent all staff (not only members of the Unions). The current Trade Union Safety Representatives, who attend the Consultative Health and Safety Group, are:

UNISON    Vhon Barrett

UNITE       Shailendra Sapkota

UCU          Dave Morris

A protocol was agreed in September 2014 on consultation on health and safety matters.

Trade union-appointed safety representatives are entitled to undertake a wide range of functions under the legislation including:

  • carrying out inspections of the work place;
  • investigating accidents/ incidents and complaints from their members regarding any health, safety or welfare matter;
  • receiving copies of reports from the Health and Safety Executive;
  • receiving any information relating to safety of equipment, plant, substances or work methods;
  • inspecting safety documents, registers and certificates; and
  • attending safety committees.

On a local level, line managers will also consult employees on local matters affecting their health and safety via any safety representatives where these have been appointed by the appropriate trade unions. Details of what they should consult on is included in the protocol.