The School has a statutory obligation to provide its employees with information and training on potential hazards in the workplace such as fire, Repetitive Strain Injury (RSI) etc. to enable them to work safely. 

We appreciate that employees are very busy and that it is impractical to expect everyone to attend "classroom" type training courses, especially as health and safety legislation requires the training to be repeated at least once per year.  To address this problem, the School has invested in an online training and risk assessment package called Complywise that all staff can access on-line at a time and place that is convenient for them. 

Complywise will enable the School to keep records of who has received what health and safety training and when.  The Health and Safety Executive, the enforcing authority, may ask for such information when they visit the School or if there is an accident.  Complywise automatically sends out reminders to staff when it is time for them to re-do the training.  

The School has purchased the following training modules, which cover health and safety issues which are relevant across the School:  

  • Health and Safety Introduction - the aim of this module is to make employees aware of their own and their employer's responsibilities for health and safety and their role to co-operate with their employer to implement preventive and protective measures.   This module takes 20 minutes to complete.  All staff must complete this module.  
  • Fire safety awareness - this module supplements local fire procedures and is intended to provide basic information on fire prevention and what to do in an emergency.  It takes 15 minutes to complete, all staff must complete this module.
  • Use of Display screen equipment (DSE) - this module covers the risks arising from the use of computers and laptops and provides information on how to set up the workstation equipment to achieve good posture and avoid RSI and visual fatigue. Any member of staff who uses a computer or laptop for more than 1 hour per day must complete this module.
  • Computer workstation risk assessment - Complywise will ask all staff who have completed the DSE module above to conduct an online assessment of their own workstation to ensure the School is compliant with the Display Screen Equipment Regulations.  Any problems or issues arising from the assessment, which cannot be resolved by the individual themselves, will be automatically forwarded to the relevant Health and Safety Co-ordinator.
  • Stress Management  - the aim of this module is enable staff to learn more about issues that may contribute to stress in the workplace and how we can manage these.  The module also covers how we can recognise stress in ourselves and others and the life skills to combat stress.  This module takes 20 minutes to complete.  The module is about prevention so all staff should complete this module at the earliest opportunity before they experience stress symptoms.
  • Manual Handling - this module covers some common risks arising from handling, lifting or moving objects and safe techniques to use to avoid injury.  It is aimed at not just the "traditional manual worker" undertaking heavy lifting, but anyone who undertakes any sort of handling task, whether its taking deliver of stationery orders, handling course packs or carrying your laptop, course notes or books.   This module takes 20 minutes to complete.  All staff are encouraged to complete it.
  • Personal Safety - This module advice on personal safety both in work and non work situations.  This module takes 20 minutes to complete. All staff are encouraged to complete it, especially if they have to undertake visits away from campus to conduct research or travel for business.

How to access the online training modules

Any member of staff can access the online training modules . To log on  you will need to enter your full LSE e-mail address and the system password. Your health and safety co-ordinator will be able to give you the system password, or email  Once logged on you will see a screen with your LSE data.  This data is taken from the HR database. If any of the information is incorrect email health and safety.  Once you press  'submit ' you will  be required to change your password.  It is good practice not to use your LSE password for this.

Complywise uses data from the LSE Human Resources staff database to populate the system. Any member of staff who is registered on the HR database will be able to access the modules.  Unfortunately students cannot access the system.

Email reminders

The system automatically sends email reminders for each compulsory module to all staff, citing the Department Health and Safety Co-ordinator as the sender.   Once the module has been completed staff will not receive any further emails for that particular module until a period of 12 months has elapsed.  If you have any problems logging on to the system, you should contact the health and safety team email: