Accident reporting procedures

All accidents, incidents and work-related ill-health must be recorded on the School's Accident/Dangerous Occurrence Form (PDF) and sent to the Health and Safety Team in 1KW.3 immediately. These include:

  • Accidents to staff, including minor injuries on the School's premises, or in connection with work activities
  • Accidents on School premises involving third parties, e.g. students, visitors, guests in Halls of Residence, contractors and other non-employees
  • Incidents where no one is injured but there was a potential for injury
  • Physical assaults or verbal abuse of LSE employees in the course of their work
  • Dangerous occurrences such as electrical incidents causing explosion or fire, gas leaks or explosions, chemical spillages, damage to asbestos materials resulting in any person being exposed to asbestos fibres, failure or collapse of lifting equipment such as hoists
  • Work-related ill-health such as dermatitis from exposure to known skins sensitisers or irritants, occupational asthma, tendonitis or tenosynovitis in the hand or forearm from physically demanding and repetitive work. 

If you are in any doubt about what should be reported, contact Mel Boucher, Head of Health and Safety (ext 3677) or  Lisa von Schlippe, Health and Safety Advisor at the LSE (ext 3638) or email