Fieldwork and other off-campus academic related activities

In June 2013, Council approved a Policy statement covering fieldwork and other off-campus academic activities.


Fieldwork Policy Statement

In June 2012, the School Secretary, Susan Scholefield, issued a circular setting out some simple guidelines for staff and students planning off campus fieldwork. This circular was updated in July 2013.

Some additional guidance is now available which expands on this circular. 


Fieldwork circular  (pdf)


Fieldwork Health and Safety Guidance

This webpage uses the definition of "fieldwork" set out in the UCEA/USHA guidance on "Safety in fieldwork for the HE sector" i.e. "any work carried out by staff or students for the purposes of teaching, research, study, recruitment activities, attending conferences or otherwise representing the Institution in places which may be distant from the Institution". 


Follow the links to the UCEA/USHA guidance, the Code of Practice for Social Researchers, and to the LSE's guidance for post-graduate students.


UCEA/USHA Safety in fieldwork guidance for the HE sector (PDF)


Guidance for post-graduate students 


Code of practice for Social Researchers - Social Research Association (Word)

The LSE's Travel Policy, with information on travel insurance, travel providers, travel and subsistence rates, can be found on the Finance Division webpages.

The School's Personal Security Group are currently working to develop guidance on off-campus academic related activities based on the UCEA/USHA guidance on "Safety in fieldwork"  to enable staff and students organising or participating in fieldwork in potentially hostile environments  make a suitable risk assessment and take steps to avoid, reduce or mitigate any risk identified. Risk assessment checklist for undertaking research/fieldwork in hostile environments (Word)

Risk assessment checklist for uk visits/low risk research (Word)

The Foreign and Commonwealth Office (FCO) provides travel advice for every country, including information on the political situation, security, medical, cultural and other matters. This is the first reference point when planning a trip abroad. You can sign up for their email Travel Advice for the country or countries you are planning to visit. You will receive an email every time the FCO advice changes.


The Foreign and Commonwealth Office has terminated its  LOCATE scheme. Travellers are urged to ensure they leave details of their trip (itinerary, contact details etc) with family or colleagues.


 External website:

Foreign and Commonwealth Office

Travellers should check the medical advice for the country and areas to which they will travel. This must be done in sufficient time so the appropriate vaccination regime can be completed before the trip.


External websites:

NHS- Healthcare abroad

NHS Travel Health


Staff and students requiring further information on security, health and safety in relation to research and fieldwork activities should contact the Head of Security or the Health and Safety Team.