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Health and safety

LSE is generally a low risk environment. These pages give information on measures we are taking to ensure the health, safety and welfare of everyone who works, studies or visits the premises or may be affected by the activities of the School.

Health and safety impacts upon everything we do at the School, from the premises and equipment we use (eg fire safety) to the way we work and study (eg using computers, conducting fieldwork). Everyone, whether students, staff or visitors, has a role in ensuring that the School remains a safe environment.

Our safety policy| (pdf) sets out the School's aims and objectives with regard to safety, and the responsibilities of individuals at all levels for health and safety. The Arrangements| web pages identify the arrangements and procedures for implementing the policy. These are continually reviewed, updated and expanded.


On 8 August 2014, the World Health Organisation (WHO) declared the outbreak of Ebola in Guinea, Liberia and Sierra Leone to be a Public Health Emergency of International Concern|. The public health authorities in the United Kingdom are monitoring the situation and have published advice and guidance| relevant for universities on the risk and on what to do if someone falls ill. The risk of contracting Ebola remains low, as it is only transmitted when someone is displaying symptoms|. The incubation period of the virus (the time between contact with an infected person and the first appearance of symptoms) is from 2 to 21 days. Anyone who has recently arrived from one of the affected countries and who displays symptoms must isolate themselves and notify the health authorities (telephone number 111 or 999). The School will be guided by the public health authorities for further action required. 

Anyone planning to travel to Sierra Leone, Liberia or Guinea must contact the Health and Safety Team to discuss their risk assessment| and insurance requirements. All travel should be authorised by the Head of Department.

More detailed information is given in School guidance| on Ebola.

Off-campus Activities

Council have approved a Fieldwork Policy Statement| covering the safety of all staff and students undertaking fieldwork and other off campus activities.

An updated circular| from the School Secretary has been circulated. This sets out some simple guidelines for staff and students planning off campus fieldwork. It was updated to take account of the Fieldwork Policy Statement. There is also guidance| on some simple steps to take when planning fieldwork. Further guidance, sources of advice and risk assessment forms are listed under the Arrangements for Fieldwork|.

Health and Safety Advice

The School employs a small Health and Safety Team to give advice and support, and assist with developing and implementing preventative and protective measures.  It is based in the Governance, Legal and Policy Division, 6th Floor, Tower One.

Mel Boucher is the Head of  Health and Safety. She can be contacted on ext 3677 or email|. The other member of the Health and Safety Team is Lisa von Schlippe, Health and Safety Adviser. She can be contacted on ext 3638 or email|.

If you have problems finding the information you need, wish to see further information, or have a question, please email:|

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