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Governance, Legal and Policy, Room 1KW.3.

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Governance, Legal and Policy

AW1 Webb, Andrew (Mr) - School Secretary

Andrew Webb is the Acting School Secretary. The role of the Secretary is to manage all legal compliance and governance activities on behalf of the School, to act as Secretary of the Council and clerk of the Court of Governors, providing active support to the Director in relation to these matters and on the strategic management of the School, undertaking such projects as the Director may require.

Contact details: Room 1KW.3.01I, 020 7849 4959, a.webb@lse.ac.uk


Bagshaw (Weale), Hilary (Mrs) - Assistant Secretary

I provide a research and policy development and advisory service to the Secretary, manage the Secretary’s Executive Assistant and the Division’s Administrative & Projects Officer. I also service the Director’s Management Team meetings.

Contact details: Room 1KW.3, 020 7852 3742,h.weale@lse.ac.uk


Gajewska, Marta (Miss) - Executive Assistant to School Secretary

I am responsible for managing the School Secretary’s office – his diary, correspondence and office communications. I also look after all contracts requiring his signature. I am the first point of contact within the Secretary’s Office.

Contact details: Room 1KW.3, 020 7955 7554, m.gajewska@lse.ac.uk 


Bennett, Dan (Mr) - Risk Manager

I am responsible for embedding the processes of Risk Management across the School. I also look after the School's Associated Entities register and the policies & procedures homepage.

Contact details: Room 1KW.3, 020 7955 6481, d.bennett@lse.ac.uk

Government Relations


Hoggard, Robin (Mr) – Director of Government Relations

Currently I am also acting head of Governance, Legal and Policy Division during Andrew Webb's service as acting School Secretary.

This role was established 1 September 2014. Previously I was Director of External Relations. I monitor developments in government (in the UK and abroad) to protect and advance LSE’s interests, calling on the help of LSE alumni and friends in political, civil service and other government roles.

I keep watch on LSE’s performance in university rankings, and contribute to risk management and crisis planning, with a particular view to protecting LSE’s reputation globally. I lead on policies and guidance for the School on matters related to these areas, such as the School's response to new legislation on counter-terrorism.

Contact details: Room 1KW.3, 020 7955 7061, r.hoggard@lse.ac.uk

Mac Hale, Eoin (Mr) – IGC Country Governance Manager

I exercise independent oversight of the International Growth Centre’s overseas offices, to help ensure that they meet all necessary legal and other conditions in their host countries and that their management satisfies the School’s governance requirements.
Contact details: Room 1KW.3, 020 3486 2808  e.mac-hale@lse.ac.uk


SD1Donnelly, Sue (Miss) - LSE Archivist

I provide advice and guidance on policies and procedures relating to the development of the LSE archive and support departments and individuals in using the history and heritage resources in their work. I am also responsible for advising on policies and procedures relating to the management and care of LSE’s artworks.

Contact details: Room 1KW.3, 020 3486 2840 s.donnelly@lse.ac.uk


VM1Mizgailo, Veronique (Ms) - Business Continuity Manager

I joined LSE in February 2010 as the Directorate office manager and PA to the Director. In September 2012 I moved to GLPD and took up the post of project manager supporting the Director of GLPD and Business Continuity, Andrew Webb. Aside from undertaking projects and writing papers as required, my main responsibility is to assist Andrew with the School’s business continuity plans. This is my first foray into the Higher Education, in a 26 year administrative career spanning both private and public sectors. 

Contact details: Room 1KW.3, 020 7107 5415,  v.mizgailo@lse.ac.uk   

Health and Safety

See Health and Safety

MB1Boucher, Mel (Mrs) - Head of Health and Safety 

I provide advice on strategic and operational health and safety issues. I develop and recommend policies, procedures and other compliance strategies to ensure the School complies with its obligations under health and safety legislation. I am also the secretary to the School's Health and Safety Committee. I act as the first point of contact between the School and the enforcement authorities, e.g. the Health and Safety Executive and London Fire and Emergency Planning Authority.

Contact details: Room 1KW.3, 020 7852 3677, M.Boucher1@lse.ac.uk

LVS1von Schlippe, Lisa (Ms) - Health and Safety Adviser

I provide advice and support to departments for the day to day implementation of the School procedures for health and safety, undertaking risk assessments of individuals, site inspections and speaking at staff inductions. 

Contact details: Room 1KW.3, 020 7852 3638, e.von-schlippe@lse.ac.uk  

Academic Board

RayDonovanHillDonovan-Hill, Ray (Mr) - Secretary to the Academic Board

I am the Secretary of the Academic Board, the School's principal academic advisory body; and Secretary of the Academic Nominations Committee, which is responsible for filling certain academic posts and vacancies on School committees for which the Academic Board is the appointing authority.

Contact details:  Room 1KW.3, 020 7955 7120,  r.donovan-hill@lse.ac.uk


 See Governance and Committees 

Knight, Rachel (Mrs) - Head of Governance

I manage the Governance Team and service the LSE Council, Court of Governors, Chairman’s Group and Chairman’s meetings.

Contact details: Room 1KW.3, 020 7955 6811, rachel.knight@lse.ac.uk


JP1Poole, Joan (Ms) - Assistant Governance Officer

I am responsible for the administration of the Nominations Committee and its sub groups (Allocation Group and Selection Group) and also the Chair and Vice Chair Selection Committee (CVCSC). 

Contact details:  Room 1.KW3, 020 7955 7825, j.a.poole@lse.ac.uk.


JaPu1Pugh, Jane (Mrs) - Governance Officer

I have a varied job in the Governance team ranging from producing publications such as the Governor Experts, LSE Digest, Heads of Department Handbook and Governor Briefings to dealing with the arrangements for Court, Council and providing support to new Governors. I also organise the School's Honorary Fellows/Degrees presentation ceremonies and provide a link between the central administration and academic departments, through the Academic Managers Forum  

Contact details:  Room 1.KW3, 020 7955 6866, j.pugh@lse.ac.uk

Smith, Mike (Mr) - Governance Officer - starts 27 April 2016

[text to follow]

Contact details:  Room 1.KW3, [to follow]

Legal Team

KH1See Legal Team

  Haynes, Kevin (Mr) - Head of Legal Team

As well as administering or advising on a number of student procedures, the School’s relationship with its solicitors and a variety of legal projects, I manage the School’s Legal Team, which deals with the areas of freedom of information, data protection, and records management.

Contact details: Room 1KW.3, 020 7955 7823, k.j.haynes@lse.ac.uk

Hong, Caroline (Ms) - Legal Adviser

I am an in-house solicitor who advises on a number of different legal matters, such as contracts, defamation, litigation, student procedures, intellectual property and information legislation (freedom of information and data protection).

Contact details: Room 1KW.3, 020 7955 6171, c.hong2@lse.ac.uk


SA1See Ethics 

 Allison, Stephanie (Mrs) – Ethics Manager

I am responsible for the LSE’s Code of Ethics and promoting awareness of and embedding ethical practice.  I manage the committees of the School dealing with ethical matters:  the Ethics Policy Committee and the Ethics (Grants and Donations) Panel.  My role includes developing policies, procedures, briefings, training materials and guidelines relating to ethical matters.  In addition I oversee the annual Declaration of Interest Survey. 

For advice and guidance on any ethics queries please e-mail ethics@lse.ac.uk

Contact details: Room 1KW.3, 020 7955 7975. s.allison@lse.ac.uk

Information Rights

See Freedom of Information, Data Protection, and Records Management

RM1Maguire, Rachael (Ms) - Records Manager

I provide advice and guidance on: records management – how to organise information; Data Protection – managing personal information; and Freedom of Information. I also process Freedom of Information and Data Protection requests. You can contact me using the details below if you want to know how to get paper files into offsite storage, if personal information has been sent to the wrong people or if you’ve received a request for information and want to know how to respond, amongst other things.

Contact details:   Room 1KW.3, 020 7849 4622, r.e.maguire@lse.ac.uk