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Joan Poole
Room TW1 6.01
Governance Team, Governance, Legal and Policy Division
London School of Economics
Houghton Street
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Search for new governors

We would like to invite nominations to the Court of Governors. The Court deals with some constitutional matters and has influence in the School through pre-decision discussions on key policy issues and the involvement of individual Governors in the School’s activities. The following guidelines are designed to help you to make appropriate suggestions to our office.

Your suggestions will be treated in confidence. You will have the right to enquire about your nominee after the Nominations Committee has deliberated and made its recommendations to the Court. Nominees should not be told at this stage that they may be under consideration.

Biographical information is essential, particularly if it relates to the criteria for governorship approved by the Court:

Profile of governors

We are looking for high calibre individuals capable of playing a leading role in the School, not only through the Court’s externally focused strategic discussions about the future of the School, but also potentially as a member of the Council and its committees.

Governors do not have to be alumni, but enthusiasm for the School and the social sciences is essential.

We need governors with senior level experience in the public, private or voluntary sector, who would reflect the diversity of the staff/student body on the Court and who would contribute to extending the School's network of contacts. Nominations for individuals with relevant business skills are also particularly welcomed.

Criteria for the Court of governors

  • balance of youth and experience
  • improved gender balance
  • multi-cultural representation
  • ability to ensure regular attendance at Court meetings (usually three per year)
  • Areas of expertise of particular interest to the School are: finance, property, audit, health & safety, fundraising and marketing.

The LSE is committed to upholding equality and diversity, and a desire to increase the representation of governors from minority ethnic groups on Court demonstrates how we are seeking to implement our duty to promote race equality, as set out in the Equality Act 2010. Nominations for members of the Black, Asian or Minority Ethnic community will, therefore, be particularly welcomed. Equally, we aim to achieve a 50/50 gender balance on the Court and are keen to receive nominations for women governors.


Nominees will be considered by the Nominations Committee of the Court of Governors, which includes independent governor, staff and student membership. Candidates who appear to meet the criteria for governorship will be invited to speak informally with a member of the Committee, who will explain what is involved in the role and ascertain the nominee’s level of interest in being considered further. The Nominations Committee brings forth recommendations each year for new governors, for consideration by the Court. Suggestions may be made at any time, but if you would like your suggestion to be considered at the next meeting of the Nominations Committee, we must receive it, on the Governor Nomination form|, by WEDNESDAY 17 NOVEMBER 2010.

Please note that Governors serve as unpaid volunteers and that the School does not normally reimburse their out of pocket expenses. Successful candidates will receive a full induction and have access to relevant training and development opportunities.

The Governor Nomination form  |should be sent to Joan Poole, Governance Team, Planning & Corporate Policy Division, LSE, Houghton Street, London WC2A 2AE by email: j.a.poole@lse.ac.uk|