Terms of reference

1. Title of Committee:

Research Staff Committee (RSC)

2. Status of Committee:

Sub-Committee of the Appointments Committee.

3. Responsibilities delegated to the RSC by the Appointments Committee     

3.1 To consider matters relating to the employment and management of researchers; to oversee the implementation of policies, procedures and processes agreed by the School and to monitor and evaluate their effectiveness. 

3.2 To be responsible for implementing the School's strategy for managing and supporting researchers.   

3.3 To be the School body with responsibility for implementing the Concordat to Support the Career Development of Researchers; analysing gaps in provision for researchers and devising measures and actions necessary to address them. 

3.4 As an outcome of 3.2 and 3.3 above, to monitor and evaluate progress in implementing and delivering objectives related to implementing School Strategy/the Concordat. 

3.5 To have oversight of policy and procedures pertaining to the School's arrangements for employment and management of researchers (including recruitment and retention, career progression and promotion, and contribution-related reward) to review and report annually to the Appointments Committee on the operation of these arrangements and to make recommendations as appropriate on developments or changes to policy and procedures.

3.6 To ensure that the views of researchers are represented in the development of policies, procedures and processes impacting this group of staff.

3.7 To improve, through working with other committees and bodies, the School's understanding of the needs of researchers with a view to ensuring best practice and continuous improvement of services. E.g. Research Committee, Research Centre Directors' Forum, Staff Consultative Council.   

3.8 To keep under review external policy developments, legislation, research findings and survey outcomes relevant to researchers' career and professional development, to ensure the School's arrangements are compliant and benchmarked for best practice.  

3.9 To receive and analyse information and data on the composition of the researcher staff group and to identify and evaluate any issues or trends which may require further investigation or onward referral. 

3.10. To have oversight of equality and diversity issues as they pertain to researchers; to be proactive in evaluating potential impacts of School policies and procedures on researchers; where appropriate, to make recommendations to the appropriate committees to address equalities issues. 

3.11. To consider and make recommendations on any other policy matters or issues which have a direct bearing on its work that may be referred to it by senior staff - e.g. the Director, Pro Directors, VCAC and other School committees/fora.

4. Frequency of Meetings

4.1 Three meetings per session – i.e. one meeting per term. Meeting dates are published in the School meetings' Calendar.

5. Arrangements for the RSC to report to Appointments Committee on the exercise of its delegated authority:

5.1 The RSC shall report annually to the Appointments Committee on its determinations and any significant policy issues, in the Summer term. 

5.2 The Committee shall report to other School committees/fora as appropriate regarding any relevant issues.

5.3 Decisions can be taken by the Committee by correspondence and email. 

6.  Quorum

6.1 The quorum is 50% of members, plus one member.