Terms of reference

1. The Committee shall keep under review and make recommendations on the School’s Research Ethics Policy.

2. The Committee shall have responsibility for making decisions on applications for ethical approval that have been submitted by members of staff across the School and by students.

3. In particular, the Committee will ensure that the School complies with the LSE Research Ethics Policy in the following ways:

a. recognise where advice and guidance is required from colleagues outside the Committee, and if necessary call upon experts to assist with advice and review where required;

b. provide guidance to Principal Investigators where it is considered that the documentation submitted is insufficient for the Committee to make an informed decision;

c. ensure that, so far as may be possible and reasonable, risks both to participants and researchers occasioned by or associated with research conducted from within the School are minimised;

d. where a Principal Investigator is uncertain about the ethical implications of a proposal, provide further guidance as to whether a full, expedited or no review is required;

e. on a periodic basis to review those decisions that have been made through expedited review;

f. ensure that there are no conflicts of interest when making decisions.