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Research Committee


Minutes, agendas and other papers are only available on a regular basis to committee members. If you are a staff member and want to request them, please contact the Committee Secretary using the contact details below. If you wish to make a Freedom of Information request for them, contact the School's Records Manager,


October 2016

5 Wed 13:00 CON.7.05 Research Committee

November 2016

24 Thu 13:00 CON.7.05 Research Committee

January 2017

19 Thu 13:00 CON.7.05 Research Committee

March 2017

2 Thu 13:00 CON.7.05 Research Committee

May 2017

4 Thu 13:00 CON.7.05 Research Committee

June 2017

8 Thu 13:00 CON.7.05 Research Committee




Status/Structure Term of office
Professor Stuart Corbridge Chair of Research Committee ex officio
Professor George Gaskell Pro-Director ex officio
Elizabeth Chapman Director of Library Services ex officio
Professor Tony Travers Chair of Knowledge Exchange Sub-committee ex officio
Professor Andrew Murray Chair of Research Degrees Sub-committee ex officio
Dr Tony Cornford Group 1 Member 1 Aug 2008-31 Jul 2014 
Dr Tim Forsyth Group 2 Member 1 Aug 2012-31 Jul 2014
Dr Roman Frigg Group 3 Member 1 Aug 2008-31 Jul 2014
Professor Martin Bauer Group 4 Member 1 Aug 2006-31 Jul 2015
Professor Henry Overman Group 5 Member 1 Aug 2010-31 Jul 2013
Professor Jude Howell Group 6 Member 1 Aug 2008-31 Jul 2014
Secretary   Jo Hemmings


1. The Committee shall encourage and facilitate research appropriate to the School as an academic centre of scholarship and teaching in social studies.


2. In particular, the Committee shall keep under review the research activities of the School and:


(a) seek to initiate and to secure means for the development of research;


(b) develop the research strategy of the School, within the framework approved by Council and set out in the Strategic Plan, taking into account the School’s preparations for the REF and overseeing Departments’ rolling research plans;


(c) have the right to receive for assessment all new proposals for research or for extensions of existing research projects, which involve commitments on School funds and resources, other than the personal research of the staff or research financed from the Staff Research Fund;


(d) make recommendations to the Director concerning proposed applications by the School or by members of the staff to outside bodies for research funds for which, if granted, the School would be accountable;


(e) have the right to receive for assessment annual reports on the use of all research funds and grants for which the School is accountable;


(f) undertake regular reviews of all Research Centres on behalf of the School, in conjunction with appropriate external assessors;


(g) refine research governance and quality measures to monitor school-wide research activities, including advising on and approving departmental peer review systems for research grant proposals.


3. The Committee shall have overall responsibility for ensuring that research undertaken by members of the School is conducted in an ethically sound manner, in accordance with the School’s policy on research ethics and research misconduct. Operational responsibility for research ethics will be discharged via a separate, dedicated committee as appropriate.


4. To oversee and promote the continuing alignment and integration of the School’s knowledge exchange efforts with its commitment to research excellence, by encouraging the use, application and awareness of LSE research in pursuit of impact and to have oversight of the work of the Knowledge Exchange Sub-committee which reports to the Committee annually.


5. To have oversight of the work of the REF Strategy Committee which reports to the Committee annually.


6. To encourage and facilitate the School’s strategy and policy in relation to postgraduate research student activity[1], e.g. by:


(a) developing the LSE PhD, e.g. by considering its place within the School’s overall research strategy and the infrastructure for interdisciplinary research;


(b) overseeing the School’s approach to skills training for research degree students;


(c) developing the School’s strategic approach to PhD studentships including in response to Research Council initiatives – this may include submitting bids to the Research Councils and monitoring Research Council funded programmes if the bids are successful;


(d) assuming overall responsibility for operating the LSE PhD programme, including determining the number of scholarships available in each Department/Institute and by overseeing the work of the PhD Scholarships Awards Panel;


(e) considering proposals for PhD activity in collaboration with other institutions, including in response to Research Council or European Commission initiatives;


(f) ensuring that research undertaken by research degree students is undertaken in an ethically sound manner, including with regard to integrity in data management;


(g) assuming responsibility for developing the status of research degree students within the School.


Mode of operation


Research Committee meets twice per term. Sub-committees may be formed to undertake specific tasks under the Committee’s terms of reference and ad hoc items which may periodically arise.