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Responsibilities of Members of the Court of Governors

The LSE Court of Governors deals with some constitutional matters and has influence in the School through pre-decision discussions on key policy issues and the involvement of individual governors in the School's activities. In the exercise of their responsibilities all Governors will draw upon and contribute insights and expertise from the rich diversity of their professional knowledge, experience and expertise.

Among the Court's responsibilities are:

To support the governance of the School through membership of committees and in many cases, of the Council (the School's governing body).

To participate in discussions of strategic importance at Court meetings and informal meetings, on topics such as:

  • The Strategic Plan
  • The student experience
  • Quality of teaching
  • Research
  • Widening participation and access
  • International strategy and markets
  • Financial position of the School
  • Estate strategy
  • Academic developments
  • Library developments
  • Fundraising

To provide the School, the Council and the Director with expert advice, support and encouragement at and between meetings of the Court.

To provide the Council (the LSE's governing body) and the Director with insight into how the School is seen nationally and to some extent, internationally.

To provide a network of contacts, information and influence for the School, including in respect of fundraising.

To participate in considering the criteria for the appointment of the Director and the strategic issues in the School which should be borne in mind when appointing the Director.