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Responsibilities of Members of the Court of Governors



The LSE Court of Governors is a 100-member body of supporters and advisors to the School, whose members come from many different cultures and walks of life.

Governors (members of the Court) are elected on the recommendation of the Nominations Committee of the Court. The Committee has membership comprising student, lay and academic members.

The Court also elects members to the Council (the School’s Board of Directors and Trustees); and lay members of the Council are themselves drawn from the lay membership of the Court. 

Governor Terms of office

Governors are normally elected for an initial term of five years. They may be re-elected for a further term (of five years or less) on the recommendation of the Nominations Committee.

Key responsibilities of Governors

Governors should be prepared to play an active role in the life of the School (and it is appreciated that this might take a number of different forms).


  • provide the School, the Council and the Director with expert advice, support and encouragement at and between meetings of the Court. 
  • provide the Council (the LSE ‘Board’) and the Director with insight as to how the School is perceived nationally and internationally.
  • provide a network of contacts, information and influence for the School, including in respect of fundraising.
  • draw upon insights and expertise from the diversity of their professional knowledge and interests.
  • serve as members of the Council and School committees and/or as members of other working groups, review bodies, as established from time-to-time.   
  • represent and are ambassadors for LSE. 
  • prepare for, attend and contribute to meetings of the Court of Governors.