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Ethics Policy Committee

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The Ethics Policy Committee (EPC) was established by Council in June 2012 with a remit to oversee both the Ethics Code and the School’s wider ethical framework. This includes an Ethics (Grants and Donations) Panel| which assesses whether the sources of funding coming in to the School via prospective grants or donations referred to it are ethically acceptable. Council have also approved new procedures for ethical screening of grants and donations.  |
The EPC forms a central component in the School’s new structures for supporting the Code and related procedures. Where the Ethics (Grants and Donations) Panel are unable to take a unanimous decision on a specific case, it is referred to the EPC for decision; only in exceptional circumstances will the issue be referred on to Council|.
The EPC also has a remit to consider ethical issues which might have policy implications for the School, as well an oversight and monitoring role over the Ethics Code itself. 
Message from the Ethics Policy Committee 
The Ethics Policy Committee is responsible for considering ethical issues at the School.  Our role is to oversee and monitor the Ethics Code and how the Code and the principles contained within it are embedded across the School.  Through the Ethics Code members of the School community can see the values including integrity, responsibility and accountability, that the School is committed to and expect staff, students and governors to demonstrate.  The Code is underpinned by School policies and procedures. 
The committee considers the procedures that underpin our ethical framework, cases that are referred to it for decision and ethical issues which might have policy implications for the School.  The committee welcomes this opportunity to ensure that ethics are central to decision-making at the School.

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