Equality and Diversity Executive Group

The Equality and Diversity Executive Group comprises of representatives from services across the School who have responsibility for equality and diversity in their areas of work. It meets once a term and reports to the Director and Council annually. 

All members of the Equality and Diversity Executive Group are designated Equality and Diversity Ambassadors, with responsibility to drive the School’s equality and diversity agenda forward by supporting cultural change and providing a visible leadership commitment.

Chair: Stuart Corbridge, Provost and Deputy Director
Secretary: Carolyn Solomon-Pryce, Equality and Diversity Manager

Meeting dates for 2014/15:

  • 27 November 2014
  • 3 February 2015
  • 20 May 2015

Status of Group

Reports to the Director

Role of the Group

1.    To provide a forum in which those with operational responsibilities for equality and diversity in the School are held accountable for and supported in the delivery of their responsibilities.

2.    To progress compliance with the  requirements of the Equality Act 2010 and other legislation relevant to equality and diversity and monitor progress on  the delivery of the actions set out in the action plan to the School’s single equality scheme.

3.    To advance sector best practice throughout the School in relation to equality and diversity.

4.    To raise professional awareness among members of the group by arranging presentations by internal and external speakers.

5.    To develop a programme of outreach to the School and collaborate with other organisations in promoting equality and diversity.

6.    To promote engagement with, and the integration of, equality and diversity into everyday working practices in the School.

7.    To discuss and, where appropriate, approve, proposed equality and diversity initiatives, including those from equality and diversity network groups.

8.    To report annually to Council and, as appropriate, any sub-committee of Council with an equality and diversity remit.

Reporting Arrangements

9.    The School Secretary will report to the Director in both an advisory role and with line management responsibilities, issues of strategic significance from the work of the group, as they emerge.

10.The School Secretary and other key players will make reports to the Equality and Diversity Working Group on the work of the executive group twice a year for the purposes of obtaining an externally-facing non-executive feedback.

Provost and Deputy Director (Chair) - Stuart Corbridge

School Secretary - Andrew Webb (Acting)

A Pro-Director - Paul Kelly

A Dean of Studies - Sunil Kumar

The Head of an Academic Department - Jan van den Heuvel

A Departmental Manager - Nicole Boyce

A representative of the LSE Students’ Union - Sebastian Bruhn

The Heads of the following service areas or their nominated representative:

Academic Registrar’s Division - Simeon Underwood

Finance and Facilities - Andy Farrell

Human Resources Division - Indi Seehra

Disability and Wellbeing Service - Adam Sandelson

Trade Union Representative (one representative from each union)

  • UCU - Sara Geneletti
  • Unison - Sophia Douglas
  • Unite - Ian Marston

An independent Governor - Rishi Madlani

The LSE Inter Faith Adviser - Jim Walters

Such other members as the Chair of the Group may from time to time co-opt on a time-limited basis for specific purposes

The Equality & Diversity Manager (Secretary) - Carolyn Solomon-Pryce