Terms of reference

To consider issues, trends and developments of interest and concern to Heads of Academic Departments.

Mode of operation

The Director meets with Heads of Academic Departments five times a year to discuss matters raised both by academic departments and the administration. There are two meetings held during the Michaelmas and Summer terms and one during the Lent term. The first meeting held during both the Michaelmas and the Summer term focuses on operational issues and the second meeting will see to strategic matters. However, should matters of urgency arise it will be included on the agenda, independent of whether it is of strategic or operational importance. Both strategic and operational issues will be addressed during the Lent term forum.

If Heads of Departments are unable to attend any of the meetings, they may send a representative, but it is hoped that all will try to be there in person.


  • The Director (Chair)
  • The Deputy Directors
  • Vice Chairman of the Academic Board
  • Vice-Chairman of the Appointments Committee
  • All Heads of Academic Departments