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The Governing Body of the School is the Council:

The Council's role is to:

  • oversee decisions about the educational character and mission of the School;
  • ensure the School's financial and operational viability;
  • act as arbiter in strategic matters concerning the School's values;
  • safeguard the reputation of the School.

The Council is not involved in the day to day management of the School.

The Council is comprised of independent, academic and student members, elected by the Court under the Memorandum and Articles of Association. They are Company Directors of the School. The Chair and Vice-Chairs of the Council are the Chair and Vice-Chairs of the Court of Governors.

The Council meets three times per term. There are a number of committees of the Council which are formally constituted with terms of reference. The principal Council committee is the Finance Committee, which advises about financial matters.

Schedule of meetings

September 2016

19 Mon 09:30 TW3.WBOX Council AwayDay

October 2016

18 Tue 17:15 TW3.W.BOX Council

November 2016

22 Tue 17:15 TW3.WBOX Council

January 2017

10 Tue 17:15 W3.W.BOX Council

February 2017

7 Tue 17:15 TW3.WBOX Council

March 2017

9 Thu 17:15 TW3.WBOX Council

May 2017

16 Tue 17:15 TW3.WBOX Council

June 2017

20 Tue 17:15 TW3.WBOX Council

September 2017

19 Tue 09:30 TW3.W.BOX Council AwayDay

October 2017

17 Tue 17:15 TW3.W.BOX Council

November 2017

21 Tue 17:15 TW3.WBOX Council

February 2018

6 Tue 17:15 TW3.WBOX Council

March 2018

6 Tue 17:15 TW3.WBOX Council

May 2018

15 Tue 17:15 TW3.WBOX Council

June 2018

19 Tue 17:15 TW3.WBOX Council

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The Structure of School Governance [PDF]
Academic Committee Structure [PDF]
Memorandum and Articles of Association [PDF]
Current Meeting Papers

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