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SCC elections:  The SCC is looking for staff from all around LSE to replace those volunteers who are standing down after their initial two year terms. Members of the council who wish to serve for a further term of two years are also standing for re-election. If you are interested in getting involved then please contact Simon Jolly (|) who will advise you on how to make your application. The closing date is 9th October.

Next meeting: The SCC next meets on Thursday 10 December. If you have anything you'd like the SCC to consider please contact us|. [27/03/09]

25 June meeting: A meeting summary and the draft minutes are available on the meeting summaries| page

26 March meeting: A meeting summary and the draft minutes are available on the meeting summaries| page


18 December meeting: A meeting summary and the draft minutes are available on the meeting summaries| page

Next meetings: The SCC next meets on Thursday 18th December & Thursday 22nd January.  If you have anything you'd like the SCC to consider please contact us|. [08/12/08]

Overtime and Additional Hours Policy: SCC has discussed this draft policy| (PDF) and has sent a response| (PDF) to the Framework Agreement Negotiations Group.  The SCC warmly welcomes a School-wide policy covering this area but has a number of concerns with the current draft. [08/12/08]

New & Views Special:  the SCC's first year was highlighted in October's SCC News & Views Special (PDF) [November 2008]

Thank you Mark: Mark Atkinson has stepped down from the SCC.  Many thanks to Mark for his hard work. [October 2008]

October 16 Meeting: A meeting summary and the draft minutes are available on the meeting summaries| page

LSE Governance 'training': At August's regular informal meeting SCC members were given a briefing on the governance of the LSE by Andrew Webb & Laura Harrison [21/08/08]

News & Views Special: Members of the SCC are currently working on a News & Views| special for the Michaelmas term to update staff on its achievements in its inaugural year. [05/08/08]

Next Meeting: The next full SCC meeting is on Thursday 16 October.  If you have anything you'd like the SCC to consider please contact us|. [05/08/08]

Farewell Dru: Drucilla Daley has stepped down from the SCC and the new UNISON representative is Alexandra Smith from ARD.  Many thanks to Dru for her involvement and hard work in the SCC's inaugural year [09/06/08]

Street Fayre: The SCC had a stall at the Learning at Work day Street Fayre on May 22nd.  Many thanks to everyone who came along, particularly those of you who took time to fill in a comments card.  we are currently reviewing everything we received and an update will be posted here [26/05/08]

Meetings for 2008-09 have now been scheduled: 16 October and 18 December 2008, 22 January, 26 March, 30 April and 25 June [21/05/08]

IT access for staff: working with IT Services the SCC has made computer access, including email, more readily available for all staff with LSE ID cards.

Staff wanting a network and email account: contact the IT support team for their department. The request for access does not require the support of a manager but staff will need to sign a copy of the School's conditions of use as an agreement to abide by these rules. Staff without access to PC equipment through their own department's facilities can use the public room computers. [05/02/2008]

Work-life balance: will be discussed at the next SCC meeting on Wednesday, 13 February. The SCC are keen to hear the views of all staff on this matter. Please contact the Council via email:|, or use the internal post, marking it 'SCC Views' or by contacting an SCC member directly. [05/02/2008]


Message from Anne Lapping

AnneLapping'I was delighted to be asked to be the first chair of the new Staff Consultative Council. For me, the idea of having a body that represents such a wide range of staff experience and expertise is an idea whose time has come.

I have been a governor since 1994, and that is a very enjoyable experience. It enables me to meet regularly with a cross section of LSE's students, senior administrative staff, academics and other lay governors. But what the SCC will add is a different dimension. It is a real opportunity to talk about issues such as work-life balance, management practices, environmental priorities, for instance. It will allow the School to hear, and ask, a wider cross-section of its staff about working issues - and that can only be a good thing. I must stress how importantly Council takes the SCC. It is my hope that the SCC will become a 'channel of intelligence' and source of advice for Council regarding the issues that concern staff and that the SCC will become infl uential to the development of the School

We have some terms of reference (see below) but the exciting part is that it is up to the first members, including myself, to decide on the rest. The SCC won't have any decision making powers, or negotiating powers in respect of staff matters (which remains the purview of the trades unions) and is not a part of the governance structure and is a self standing body. But I assure you that we will make our voices heard. So, please do make a point of meeting the SCC members and raising issues with them. We're aiming to meet once a term initially and bear with us as we find our feet. But let's see how we grow.' [26/07/2007]

Message from Adrian Hall, Secretary and Director of Administration

AdrianHallThank you for helping us to create the new Staff Consultative Council. We asked for volunteers to form the first membership of the SCC and were very grateful to people who put themselves forward. We were fully intending to hold elections so that staff would have a chance to participate in the membership of this new venture. Unfortunately, there simply weren't enough volunteers to vote between candidates. There were just enough volunteers to fill the 18 places, and they do come from a range of departments, divisions and units.

Part of the responsibility of the first SCC members will be to decide how they want to represent their colleagues - would they want to set up elections, say in six months time? This is one of the questions the new members will have to consider. I would ask you to bear with them, and with the School. This is a new venture. They have all volunteered, as you can see from their manifestos, in the belief that the SCC does have value and can be a valuable new body within the LSE community. Pass on your views to them, and let them know how you'd like them to shape your Council. [25/06/2007]