SCC members


  Harriet Spicer








George Gaskell: professor of social psychology and was head of the Methodology Institute. He is a member of the Court of Governors and the Council. As pro-director his main areas of responsibility will be for academic policy and resources, estates and relations with the departments. His research focuses on social, legal and ethical implications of the life sciences with a particular emphasis on 'public ethics'. He is a member of the ESRC Evaluation Committee and is a participant in an EC research programme on biobanks.


Finance and Facilities

Daniel Beckley: 

In the course of over 10 years experience as a security officer in the UK I would mention that I have worked for the MOD security and believe that my training and experience have helped me in difficult situations. I have wide experience in dealing with people from all works of life. Apart from dealing with colleagues from a great variety of backgrounds, I deal with Students, Staff, Visitors and Members of the public from all backgrounds. I do not discriminate in any way shape or form on any basis whatsoever. I am always prepared to listen to the opinion of others, to give and receive support and advice. My work as a Security Officer in LSE is very complex, requiring an efficient approach at all times, and the ability in connection thereof has been recognised by my present employer LSE, and a commendation from the Metropolitan Police for my assistance to them. I am considered to be a good communicator and trust that I should be able to work with other SCC Members to put forward good suggestions that may have positive impact on all LSE Security Staff TO help build relationships and bringing different groups together. Making sure all Security Staff feel comfortable in expressing themselves without fear.


Daniel Beckley

All other divisions







Library and IT


Mike Bragg, IT Services: I have worked in the School for over a decade, joining MIS and later being seconded to IT Services. I have held different posts and responsibilities in that time, dealing with staff across the School, from staffing a help desk to supporting the email system, through consultation, to system development. I feel that I have a good grasp of how the School operates and where many of its strengths and weaknesses lie. I would like to use that knowledge to help inform critical decisions and in turn better understand why some things are as they are.





Paul Whitehouse, Library 



Academic departments



Hazel Johnstone, DM Gender Institute: I'm the departmental manager at the Gender Institute at LSE. I've been at the School since 1990, initially in the Geography Department, migrating full-time to the GI in 1996. I was part of the working group in 1992 when Gender Institute was first mooted then set up, so have overseen a growth from 1.5 students to (at last count) 85. I've been part of the DM network since the beginning, am about to take over their website editing responsibilities, I take my turn in auditing Head of Department Forum meetings, and for some years was the DM rep on the Catering Users Committee. I've also been on selection and recruitment committees for other departments and am about to finish a management diploma with the Chartered Management Institute sponsored by the School. The Staff Consultative Council as a forum represents the broad spectrum of staff and I believe I could use my long and varied experience at LSE to contribute to discussion on policy-making within the wider School community. The SCC plays an essential part in facilitating dialogue across the School and I am perfectly placed to play a part in that, working as I do with a similarly broad range of staff at the School.

Hazel Johnstone




Cheryl Edwardes, DM Information Systems: I am the manager of the Information Systems and Innovation Group. I have worked in the School for six years, starting my career in the Information Systems Department as the MSc coordinator. After a couple of years I moved to the position of manager (Operations and Personnel) within the Economics Department and was then invited to take the position of Information Systems Group manager in December 2006.

I am currently a chair of the AUMF (Academic Unit Managers Forum) and was instrumental in establishing this body, and believe that this has placed me in good stead to serve on the School Council. My experience in this role means that I will be a good representative of the departmental managers in the School. I have also worked closely with centre managers in my time with the Economics Department.

I believe this group will make a difference as it provides a valuable link between staff members and Council and the membership represents all elements of staff working at the School. I welcome the opportunity to participate in this ground-breaking venture and help make it a success.



Academic staff






Dr John Kent, International Relations: 'I have been at LSE since 1987 and a warden since January 2002 and have experience of the advantages LSE offers staff. I would hope to promote greater integration between residences and LSE as a whole. As departmental tutor and a former APRC member, I am aware of academic issues and the need to balance them with limited resources and the expectations of high fee students.'




 Myria Georgiou

Dr Myria Georgiou, Media and Communications: I joined the LSE and the Dept of Media and Communications in 2009 after six years holding a Lectureship/Senior Lectureship at the University of Leeds. As a member of staff and as a former LSE student (PhD 2001) I am well aware of the delicate balance that staff needs to meet between research, teaching and administrative responsibilities. As a member of the Staff Consultative Council I would hope to represent staff voices concerned with the current challenges presented to the Higher Education sector. In addition, I would hope to contribute to the School's diversity and equality agenda and to initiatives supporting the work/life balance.     


Graduate Teaching Assistant and Researcher


Peter Cirenza 

Peter Cirenza: I am a PhD candidate in the Economic History Department, having also completed an MSc (Research) degree in 2006. I am currently a Graduate Teaching Assistant (GTA) teaching classes in Economic History. Prior to coming to the LSE in 2005, I had an extensive business career during which I lived and worked in North America, Europe and Asia.

I would like to represent GTAs and Hourly Paid Teachers on the SCC because I believe I can be an effective advocate for the interests of this critically important constituency at LSE. It is only through the efforts of this group that LSE is able to fulfil it teaching requirements to its large student body. I am keen to represent the views of GTAs and Hourly Paid Teachers across the school to help improve the working environment at LSE.

I have extensive prior experience in higher education as a student, teacher, recruiter and advisor. I currently serve on the UK Committee of Brown University, and am a member of the Parent's Councils at both Stanford University and Emory University. I have tremendous admiration and affection for LSE and would like to contribute to its continued success and development.


Kath Scanlon: I joined the SCC to speak for career researchers—those who do not teach and don't aspire to. I'm based in one of the school's many small research centres, where I am the only researcher. I have been here 10 ½ years, and have always worked part-time. LSE's provision for researchers has improved greatly in the time I have been here, especially in terms of career development, but there is still much to do. It will be especially important for speak out for our interests during the financially straightened period that is coming.

 Kath Scanlon

Trades union representatives



Vhon Barrett, TGW: Vhon joined the School about seven and a half years ago. Previously he was a telephone engineer for BT for 10 years. He was a union representative within BT and has continued union involvement with LSE and is presently secretary of the T&G.



Claire Taplin, Unison: I have worked in the LSE Library for the last 12 years since graduating from SOAS. I am currently a Library assistant in the Print Collections department.

I have been a Unison activist for 3 and a half years and I am currently a steward for academic departments, the branch treasurer and the Framework Agreement (phase 2) negotiator (as well as being the Unison representative on the SCC).





Joanne Taplin-Green, UCU:  Bio & photo to follow.