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Staff Consultative Council

Making your voice count

  • Representing and uniting all staff
  • Independent and impartial
  • Actively improving your working environment

The Staff Consultative Council (SCC) provides a voice for all staff and is one of the first of its kind in UK Higher Education. It is made up of 18 members| from across the School and is chaired by Harriet Spicer, a member of the Court of Governors. The SCC has a representative who attends meetings of the Council and is able to make your views known there. It is also consulted by LSE's management teams and committees when making decisions that affect staff. SCC meets regularly| throughout the year.

New information for staff from Human Resources

LSE offers a wide range of personal and professional development opportunities for staff and students. Search the system from the training and development page to see the range of upcoming training courses on offer. You can browse by course category, search for courses using keywords or use the links below to see courses relevant to your role at LSE.

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