School Management Committee

LSE’s School Management Committee (SMC) is led by Professor Julia Black. The SMC is the decision-making body for management and operational issues and provides recommendations on the School’s priorities. 

School Management Committee Membership

School Management Committee Membership
Interim Director - Professor Julia Black   
Read Julia's biography here Contact Clair Harrison 
 Pro-Director (Research) - Professor Julia Black  
 Read Julia's biography here Contact Clair Harrison 
 Pro-Director (Education) - Professor Paul Kelly  
 Read Paul's biography here Contact Marlene Worrell
 Pro-Director (Faculty Development) - Professor Eric  Neumayer  
 Read Eric's biography here Contact Dominika Mazurek
 Pro-Director (Planning and Resources) - Professor David  Webb  
 Read David's biography here Contact Marlene Worrell
 Chief Operating Officer -  Andrew Young  
 Read Andrew's biography here Contact Cecilia Okereke
 School Secretary - Andrew Webb  Contact Marta Gajewska
 Read Andrew's biography here  
 Chair of the Equity, Diversity and Inclusion Taskforce -  Professor Carola Frege  Contact EDI Taskforce


Support Team

The SMC's support team is available to provide further information about the work of the committee and to answer any questions you may have.

Find out more about the support team here 


SMCTerms of Reference

The School Management Committee’s role is to provide effective, coordinated and strategic leadership to the School. It:

  • Ensures the effective leadership and management of the activities of the School;
  • Develops and monitors the overall strategic direction of the School, updating the School Strategic Plan as required;
  • Ensures that the School Strategic Plan and its associated strategies are implemented;
  • Monitors the significant risks faced by the School and oversees the necessary risk management and internal controls;
  • Monitors the performance of the School against agreed objectives, targets and budgets and where necessary takes corrective action;
  • Maintains a high-level understanding of the wider context and environment in which the School operates; and
  • Ensures that the School responds effectively to emerging threats and takes advantage of opportunities.

Download the full Terms of Reference here.


SMC Meeting Minutes

From the beginning of Michaelmas Term 2016-17, the SMC meeting minutes will be uploaded here and accessible to the School community. 


Where to meet the School Management Committee

Town Hall Meetings

Town Hall meetings will be held throughout the academic year covering a range of topics. As the events are scheduled they will be publicised around the School and listed here.

Professional Services Staff Briefings

Each term, Dr Andrew Young, Chief Operating Officer, hosts two events for Professional Services Staff. The notes are shared after each briefing and will be available here.

The Michaelmas Term Briefings will be held on Wednesday 30 November and Thursday 1 December 2016.

If you have any thoughts for topics to cover please send them to 

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