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Nomination for an Honorary Fellowship


The award of an Honorary Fellowship is one of the most prestigious awards that the School can bestow.

The LSE Court may elect as an Honorary Fellow any individual who has made an outstanding contribution to the School, over the course of a number of years, beyond that which might reasonably be expected.

Honorary Fellowship nominees are expected to have a direct link with LSE either as a member of the School, or as someone who has made an outstanding contribution to the School. For the purpose of the award of Honorary Fellowship “Member of the School” can be defined as follows:

  • Lay Governors and Emeritus Governors
  • Alumni as defined by the Office of Development and Alumni Relations
  • Former members of staff including Emeritus Professors, Visiting Fellows and Visiting Professors
  • Current students


In making recommendations for Honorary Fellowship, the Nominations Committee will take account of any restrictions imposed by the Honorary Award Regulations, potential conflicts of interest or reputational issues.  Please note that  

  • Current staff are members of the School but are not eligible for Honorary Fellowship (whilst members of staff) under the Regulations.
  • Lay governors are eligible for Honorary Fellowship provided they are not current members of the Council.

Who are the Honorary Fellows?

A full list of the School’s Honorary Fellows can be found at


A maximum of six new Honorary Fellows may be elected each year. 

Who can nominate Honorary Fellows?

Any member of the School can make a nomination. For these purposes, the definition of Member of the School is:

  • Lay Governors and Emeritus Governors
  • Current students
  • Current members of staff
  • Honorary Fellows
  • Alumni as defined by the Office of Development and Alumni Relations

All nominations are considered in confidence and those nominated should not be made aware by their nominee that they have been put forward for an award.

How and When to Nominate

Calls for nomination are publicised via Staff News, Student News and a Circular to Governors. Nominations should be made on the Honorary Fellows Nomination Form below,    which enables you to describe the nominee’s outstanding contribution to the School

Who makes decisions on Honorary Fellowships?

Nominations for Honorary Fellowships are usually considered by the Nominations Committee in the Michaelmas Term. The membership of the Nominations Committee includes academic, student and lay governor members. The Committee’s recommendations are laid before the Academic Board for concurrence, and a final decision is taken by the Court of Governors. Successful candidates are invited to receive their awards at the July presentation ceremonies. 

The members of the Nominations Committee 2016-17 are:

Ms Virginia Beardshaw – Lay Member of Council (Acting Chair)

Professor Julia Black – Interim Director

Professor Terhi Rantanen

Professor Kevin Featherstone

Dr Ruth Kattumuri

Professor Emily Jackson, VCAB

Ms Paulina Bozek – Lay Governor

Mr Neil Gaskell – Lay Governor

Professor Jeffrey Golden – Lay Governor

Ms Busayo Twins – General Secretary of the Students’ Union

Diversity in Honorary Fellowships

The School seeks to encourage a balanced list of nominees, which takes account of the international dimension that characterises the School.

Nominations remain current for three years; if a nominee is not elected to Honorary Fellowship within that time, you may assume the nomination has lapsed.

Nominations can be made by completing the nomination form and returning it to Ms Joan Poole, GLPD, KW1.3, LSE, Houghton Street, London WC2A 2AE. (j.a.poole@lse.ac.uk)  

Nominations should be received by Friday 23 September 2016.

Please provide all of the information requested and any additional particulars that will assist the Nominations Committee in their decision. If making more than one nomination please indicate any preference. Not more than two suggestions are permitted from the same person in any one year.  If two suggestions are made, one should be the ‘lead’ suggestion and the other a ‘supporting’ one.

Need advice about a Nomination?

If you would like to discuss a possible nomination informally before submitting it, you may approach any member of the Nominations Committee or a member of the Governance Team. In the first instance, please contact Joan Poole, on J.A.Poole@lse.ac.uk  or 020 7955 7825.