Insurance at LSE



As a risk mitigation tool, the School transfers its risk to an insurance company in exchange for a premium so that when the School incurs a loss from an insured risk, the insurance company assumes all or part of that loss.

GLPD is responsible for all insurance matters and centrally coordinates insurance programmes in order to ensure that the School is getting the best value for its premiums, that coverage is not duplicated and that the various policies do not conflict with one another. The School’s insurance applies to all School departments and subsidiary companies


Property Insurance

Property insurance covers the School’s property only. Staff personal belongings are not included in this policy. The excess of claims is £2,000.

Staff are reminded that doors must always be locked when rooms are left unattended. The School or department may not have sufficient funds to automatically replace equipment stolen as a result of carelessness or oversight. 

Public Liability Insurance

This insurance covers any claims of damages brought by a member of the public because of an injury or damage to their property on School premises.

Our Public Liability and Employer's Liability certificate is available below

Public liability [PDF}

Employers liability [PDF]



Terrorism insurance is insurance purchased to cover the School's potential losses and liabilities that might occur due to terrorist activities.

Professional Indemnity

This insurance covers liability at law to third parties for damages and claimant's cost and expenses for a breach of professional duty arising by reason of:

a) any act of neglence, error or omission

b) breach of warranty of authority

c) breach of Intellectual Property Rights

d) infringement of copyright or patent right or trademark or design rights

e) breach of confidential information under Data Protection Legislation

Engineering Inspection and Insurance

Inspection services are provided in respect of the boilers, lifts and other equipment, at intervals in accordance with statutory requirements, plus routine examinations.

Personal Accident and travel insurance

The School's Travel Insurance policy covers all staff travelling on "School business" and students while on “School organised field trips”.

“School business” is defined as travel in connection with

  • Research Grants or Contracts, or research funded wholly or partly from School funds;
  • Attendance at conference while representing LSE;
  • Student recruitment;
  • Official School representation.

“School organised field trips” are defined as travel in connection with

  • Supervised undergraduate departmental field trips;
  • Attendance at conferences as required by Graduate students’ studies;
  • PhD and Masters student field trips

Staff are advised to contact the Health and Safety Team for the School’s travel cover certificate.

The School’s travel insurance does not cover travel by staff on sabbatical or special leave, holiday travel, or travel for private lecturing or for private consultancy work.

Insurers take a common sense approach to incidental sightseeing. If the main purpose of the trip is School business then incidental sightseeing will also be covered. A week’s holiday after the School business has been concluded would not be covered. Please ensure you check visa requirements for the areas you are visiting as some countries may not allow research to be conducted on a visitor’s visa.

All students must obtain approvals from your Head of Department, Research Degree Office, and/or Research Degree Subcommittee Chair prior to booking your travel. The travel insurance cover note will only be issued to students by the Health & Safety Team after all approvals have been granted and the necessary risk assessments completed.

Travel to Complex Risk Environments

The School’s standard travel insurance does not automatically cover every country however; it may be possible to obtain insurance cover for excluded areas (at a cost) if additional risk control measures are put in place. Travel to any area that the FCO advises against travel or essential travel only will require a detailed health & safety risk assessment. The insurer also has exclusions in other areas; you must check your intended destination with the Health and Safety Team at the earliest opportunity if you think exclusions may apply.

If you are travelling to an excluded area you will be required to complete the hostile environment health and safety risk assessment. If any specialist risk mitigation is identified through the assessment the Health and Safety Team will obtain a quote from their travel security providers. Please note that additional insurance premiums and any specialist risk mitigation may incur additional costs which will need to be met by the research funding or the department.

Once the relevant approvals and risk mitigation is in place the Health and Safety Team will issue your travel insurance cover note.

The Health and Safety Team can be contacted on 020 7852 3677, further guidance on fieldwork safety can be found on the Health and Safety website.



Making a claim

For any property loss or injury, departments should notify School Security in the first instance about loss or injury as soon as possible. Some of the claims may involve the School's Estates and Health & Safety to evaluate and provide remedial actions.


For travel insurance loss or injury, departments should contact Kevin Haynes or Caroline Hong in GLPD.