Loans for Postgraduates

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Please consider when borrowing that:

  • Interest is charged on all loans.
  • You have considered all available funding options
  • There are no exceptions.
  • Make sure you fully understand what are doing before you sign any loan agreement
  • Loans have to be repaid

Many students take out loans to fund their studies.

The details below apply only to Home students. UK or EU students are referred to as having 'Home' status. Home status is not based on nationality but on your 'settled' place of residence in the UK or EU. That is, you must have your home in the UK or EU for at least three years before starting your course.

Living in the UK or EU does not qualify for Home status if you have been here for educational, diplomatic, military or trade purposes and your actual settled home is outside the EU. Similarly living outside the UK or EU qualifies for Home status if absence from the UK has been for educational, diplomatic, military or trade purposes and your settled home is still within the EU.

Professional and career development loans

Home UK students may qualify for a Professional and Career Development Loan (PCDL). PCDL's are commercial bank loans which learners can use to help pay for work related learning. Important features are outlined below:

  • The Learning and Skills Council will pay the interest on the loan whilst the lender is in learning and for one month afterwards.
  • Learners must start repaying the loan when they finish studying, whether or not you complete your course or get a job.
  • Learners can borrow any amount between £300.00 and £10,000.00 to help support the cost of learning.
  • Learners with savings of up to £16,000.00 will be eligible to apply for a PCDL.
  • There are two banks currently participating in the scheme: Barclays and the Co-operative

Please note: PCDL do not normally cover the cost of your total tuition fee, if your loan does not cover your entire fee you will be expected to pay the balance in three equal instalments. The Fees Office will automatially place you on termly payment plan.

For more information, go to the PCDL website for frequently asked questions.

How to apply

Apply to whichever bank you choose. The LSE code for Career Development Loans is 2044.

All forms for certification MUST be signed by a member of the Fees Office. You can either take the forms to a drop-in or send to us by post. See Contacting the Fees Office web pages for

Students in receipt of a PCDL must provide the LSE Fees Office with a Stage Funding document confirming loan payment dates to the School. If your loan does not cover your entire fee you must email a payment plan to the Fees Office 

When you submit your plan please enter PCDL Payment Plan in the subject field.

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Postgraduate Loan Scheme

The U.K government has introduced a Postgraduate Loan Scheme which is open to students from the U.K and EU. If you are looking to study a taught or research master's programme, the government will provide a loan worth up to £10,000 per student 

For further information click here 

If you would like to apply please click here