Loans for UK/EU Undergraduate

For the academic year 2015/16 Home/EU undergraduate students may apply for a tuition fee loan up to £9000. Tuition Fee loans paid directly to the School. Application is made through Student Finance Direct not the LSE.

Home/EU Students: UK and EU students are referred to as having 'Home' status. Home status is not based only on nationality but also on 'settled' place of residence in the UK or EU. That is, you must have your home in the UK or EU for at least three years before starting your course. For further information see Fee Status Classification.

If a student opts to apply for a tuition fee loan or grant, and if, for any reason, the application is rejected, the student is then liable for the whole of their tuition fee contribution and must make arrangements to pay the fees directly to the LSE.

Students who take out a Tuition fee loan may be asked to provide a Financial Notification to the Fees Office.

Students who take out a tuition fee loan with the Student Loan Company ("SLC") are able to decrease the amount they borrow, please contact the SLC for further information. (Please note there are restrictions).

Students who take out a tuition fee loan are able to increase the amount they borrow at any point during the academic year, up to the maximum tuition fee loan entitlement, providing there is a fee to the institution to be paid.

All loans have to be repaid, interest is charged on all loans, there are no exceptions.

For further information on Fee Loans please visit DirectGov.

Please note the LSE Fees Office does not handle SLC loans applications.


For further information on the Support available for Home UK and EU undergraduates please click here