Withdrawing from your course

Withdrawing before the start of the course

If you withdraw before starting your course, no fee is charged.

If you have already paid some or all of your fees, these will be refunded in full.

Paid by credit card LSE will reverse transactions to the original card(s) used - Takes about 7-10 working days for refunds up to £10,000. For refunds over £10,000 please allow an additional 7 working days.*
Paid by other means LSE will send a £sterling cheque to the student by post. Takes 7 working days plus postage time.

*From the date the Fees Office receives notification from Registry. 

Withdrawing during the year

Once you have officially withdrawn your fees will be recalculated. Each term is 10 weeks. The fee will be recalculated as 1/30 for each week of term in registration. 

If you have paid more than the revised fee A £sterling refund cheque will be sent to you.
If you have paid less than the revised fee You must pay the fees. See Penalties Page.

Student loans are affected by withdrawing

American loans

Any American student with loans is strongly advised to contact the Fees Office for advice before considering withdrawal. Some of the loan money paid to the student has to be immediately repaid to LSE to accompany the withdrawal notice to the US Ed Dept. The calculation is broadly that 1/365 of the LSE's published cost of attendance is earned for each day registered after 1st October and every cent already received by the student over that value must be immediately repaid to LSE. US Loans web pages show details of the calculation. Failure to immediately repay this money is a Federal Offence.

SLC loans

Any overpayment made by the SLC for your reduced fees will be refunded directly to the SLC and your loan will adjusted accordingly by your LEA

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