Paying Fees

Payment Plan and when to pay

If you have not paid in full before or at registration then you will be placed on a termly payment plan. You are expected to pay 1/3 of your fees on each payment date.

Payment is due on the following dates:

28th October 2016       
28th January 2017      
28th April 2017             

You will be sent a payment plan notice outlining when and how much to pay.

Some individual students and nationality groups will have exceptional circumstances and a different payment plan can be arranged, in such cases the plan must be agreed by the Fees Office. Please email if you have any questions.

Please note students in receipt of a PCDL:  PCDLs do not normally cover the cost of your total tuition fee, if your loan does not cover your entire fee you will be expected to pay the balance in three equal instalments. The Fees Office will automatially place you on termly payment plan.

How much to pay

The fee for every course is shown in the Table of Fees . Fees increase each year so if your course lasts more than one year you need to check the Table of Fees for each year of your course.

Any MSc student who completed their first degree at LSE is entitled to an Alumni discount on the fees. Alumnus discount will be posted to your account automatically following registration. It will appear on your Fee Statement as sposnor type AD00, this is standard procedure.

Financial Undertaking Form

Before Registration, all students have to complete a Financial Undertaking Form (FUF) to state that they have enough funding for their course The same form tells LSE if a sponsor such as a government/company/charity will pay the fees and tell us where to post the invoice (bill).


If a student has a sponsor or scholarship which covers part of the fees, it may not be used as the payment for the first months of the year. The student must pay their share either in full at the start of the year or one third each term.

Payment Plan

Fees may be paid in full or in parts. Fees may also be paid in up to 3 parts, the first payment must be no later than October 28th and the last payment no later than the the 28th of April.

If fees are not paid on time, penalties are imposed. The penalties may include the loss of facilities and/or withdrawal from the course. If fees are not paid on time, students are warned about penalties by email.


If a student withdraws from the course, the fee is reduced to cover only the weeks they were registered. If a student has paid more than their fees, the overpayment is paid back by a sterling cheque. If a student has paid in advance and does not start, their money is refunded in full.

For information on How much to pay please see How much to pay

Sponsor payments

Pay by Card

Sponsors can pay by credit or debit card by visiting the Payment Portal

Pay by bank transfer

For details on how to make a bank transfer payment please read the bankTransferForm

Wire transfer

The LSE Fees Office have introduced a new bank transfer service, this service enables international students and their sponsors to pay their fees by bank transfer. For further information please read our webpage Wire payment service 

Pay by cheque

Sponsors can pay by cheque, payments must be in £ sterling. Please ensure you quote the students ID number on all correspondence with the School. 

Methods of payment accepted by LSE

There are several means to pay your fees at the LSE, they are outlined below.

Please note: The LSE payment portal service is only supported on Microsoft Internet Explorer.

Credit/Debit cards
Credit cards are the fastest and easiest way to pay. You can pay by card on-line. An email confirmation receipt is sent immediately, this acts as your proof of payment. Please note it may take up to 3 business days for your payment to appear on LSE for You

To pay by card online please click on the payment portal below 

Payment Portal


International Bank transfers

International Bank Transfer Service

International students should pay their fees using the LSE’s international bank transfer platform, powered by our partner Western Union Business Solutions. The service allows you, your family or your sponsor to pay your tuition fees in your local currency and from your home bank account. Exchange rates are held for 3 days so you don’t need to worry about currency fluctuations, incurring bank fees, or funds arriving short at the LSE. Simply enter the amount you need to pay, your chosen currency and you will be supplied a quote for the amount in your selected currency.  

  • Exchange rates are locked for 72 hours so you don’t have to worry about currency fluctuations
  • Peace of mind that your payment will reach the LSE on time and in full
  • Complete visibility of the amount you will pay in your local currency
  • No bank fees
  • Payments posted as quickly as 2 working days

How it works?

This service allows the student, their parent or sponsor to log onto the Western Union payment platform to obtain a quote for the total amount in your local currency. This exchange rate is reserved for 72 hours.

You will then receive a set of payment instructions via email which you need to use to make the payment via your chosen bank account.  You can do this via your online banking service or in person at your bank branch by following these simple steps

1) Bring your valid quote to your bank and they will arrange for the payment to be made direct to the LSE


2) Send an online payment request via your online banking. Please ensure you include the payment reference shown on your payment instructions when making the payment

For more information, watch this short video or download this pdf   To use this service please visit the Payment Portal

Cheques and Bank Drafts

  • We accept these but they must be from a UK bank and made out in Pounds Sterling.
  • Please make them out to: London School of Economics
  • Date format: day-month-year
  • Please write your full name and your LSE ID number on the back.
  • Unfortunately we do not accept post-dated cheques.
  • Getting cheques to us:
  • By post to:
    Finance Division,
    London School of Economics
    Houghton Street,
    London WC2A 2AE
  • Dropping it in the fees drop-box
    This is located in the Student Services Centre and can be used even when the general counter is closed.

From the date we receive your cheque, please allow up to 4 or 5 working days before your cheque appears on your account here at the School.


Standard Bank transfers              

If you choose not to use the wire service you can transfer money direct to the LSE bank account, the details for transfer can be found below.

Please note the following:

  • You must quote your student ID number as the payment reference
  • Once payment has been processed you should email your remittance to
  • If a payment is received without an identifiable reference this payment may be returned to source.

Although charges may be paid when sending payment, please note for overseas payment, there may be an additional extra charge made by our bank when receiving the payment. If so , this is normally around £7 to £30. All charges relating to transfers are to be paid by the student and not the school.

Please allow up to 5 working days if payment is made within the UK and up to 10 working days for payments made from overseas. We recommend that overseas students do not use this option. You should pay your fees using our international
bank transfer service, click here for further information

Please quote your student ID number on all payments.

LSE Bank details:
Account Number: 17859778
Sort Code: 56 00 13
IBAN: GB30NWBK56001317859778
Branch Swift BIC: NWBKGB2L
Account name: London School of Economics
Bank: Natwest, 65 Aldwych Branch                


How we refund you


        If payment is made by:

We refund it by


Bank Payment

Bank payment to the account that the payment cam from

(If refunding the bank payment in full)


Bank Payment

Pounds Sterling cheque

(If refunding less than the full bank payment)


Cheque or Bank draft


Pounds Sterling cheque


Debit or Credit card


Refund to the card that the paymenty came from



Payment processing times


Payment Type

How long payments take to appear on student fee accounts at the LSE

Credit or debit card

1 to 3 working days

From a UK bank

up to 5 working days

From an overseas bank

4-10 working days

Western Union Bank Payment

3 to 5 working days

Cheque or draft

1 to 5 working days from day we receive it in the office

Working Days = Monday to Friday


Executive Payment Plans

The LSE offer specific payment arrangements for Executive courses, for further information please see: Executive programmes fee payments.

If you have any questions please email quoting Executive fee payments in the subject field.