How much to pay

The fee for every course is shown in the Table of Fees . Fees increase each year so if your course lasts more than one year you need to check the Table of Fees for each year of your course.

Any MSc student who completed their first degree at LSE is entitled to an Alumni discount on the fees. Alumnus discount will be posted to your account automatically following registration. It will appear on your Fee Statement as sposnor type AD00, this is standard procedure.

Financial Undertaking Form

Before Registration, all students have to complete a Financial Undertaking Form (FUF) to state that they have enough funding for their course The same form tells LSE if a sponsor such as a government/company/charity will pay the fees and tell us where to post the invoice (bill).


If a student has a sponsor or scholarship which covers part of the fees, it may not be used as the payment for the first months of the year. The student must pay their share either in full at the start of the year or one third each term.

Payment Plan

Fees may be paid in full or in parts. Fees may also be paid in up to 3 parts, the first payment must be no later than October 28th  and the last payment no later than the the 28th of April.

If fees are not paid on time, penalties are imposed. The penalties may include the loss of facilities and/or withdrawal from the course. If fees are not paid on time, students are warned about penalties by email.


If a student withdraws from the course, the fee is reduced to cover only the weeks they were registered. If a student has paid more than their fees, the overpayment is paid back by a sterling cheque. If a student has paid in advance and does not start, their money is refunded in full.

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