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Card Payments Online

The LSE has developed a new streamlined payment service

This service offers you the convenience of knowing exactly how much a foreign currency payment will cost in your own local currency. As a result, DCC offers you greater transparency of costs since you receive a rate of exchange at the time of the transaction rather than reviewing your bank statement after the payment has been made.

The new payment service is also an expansion and extension of our current Travelex service for Bank Transfers. You can access both of these payment options through the same Payment Portal|

Before you continue, please make sure you have checked the following in order to avoid your payment being declined:

  1. Check you have sufficient funds / credit limit available to pay your fees by debit / credit card.
  2. Check your bank's daily limit for your debit / credit card covers the amount you are paying online.
  3. Always notify your card issuer in advance how much you will be paying, who will be paying and when the payment will be made; this reduces the risk of the payment being rejected for card security reasons.

If your bank has applied a limit per transaction, for example £1,000 per online payment, you may find it useful to split the amount you are paying in instalments less than or equal to your individual transaction limit. Illustrated example:

  • Fee balance for the year: £3,000
  • For security reasons, your bank has placed a limit of £1,000 per online payment
  • You can log-into your LSEforYou account and change the amount to £1,000 and repeat the entry three times. We strongly advise all students to notify their banks at least 24 hours in advance , when paying more than £1,000 online.

If your bank or card issuer is unable to process a transaction of the amount required to pay your fee you can make use of the International Bank Transfer service via the same Travelex portal. This service will allow you, a family member or sponsor to make a local bank transfer to pay your fee at a guaranteed exchange rate.

General Information

LSE and Travelex work in conjunction with Secure Trading to provide this service. Upon receipt your LSE for You will be updated in 3 business days.

Please note that only the following card types are acceptable

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