Customer First

The Fees Office were recently awarded the Customer First Standard, this achievement highlights our continued commitment to our customers. The Fees Office were marked as 'fully compliant in the 30 statements, these are listed below.

30 Statements:

  1. We build successful long-term relationships with our customers
  2. We identify our customers' needs at the first point of contact with us
  3. Where appropriate, our customers can access other relevant and related services through their contact with us
  4. We clearly specify what our customers can expect from the service we provide to them
  5. We deliver services to our customers in a timely manner or within agreed timeframes
  6. The needs of our customers are reviewed appropriately during service delivery
  7. Our people follow clear guidelines to select the most appropriate organisation to either contract with or refer to, in the best interests of the customer
  8. Our people have access to relevant customer information that is accurate and up to date
  9. We gather customer feedback to check the effectiveness of our service delivery and identify opportunities for improvement
  10. Where appropriate we always follow up our key customers after we refer them to others
  11. We always follow up and swiftly resolve customer complaints or concerns
  12. We evaluate, review and understand the impact our services have on our customers
  13. All our people and those working on our behalf understand the purpose, aims and values of our organisation
  14. We have overall business objectives that we measure and regularly review
  15. We regularly review and identify the different needs of our customer groups
  16. We keep our people up-to-date with the changes in our industry sector and other related service provision
  17. We build successful long term relationships with other organisations for the benefit of our customers
  18. Potential customers are carefully selected and targeted in any marketing activity
  19. The introduction of every new or changed service is based on a clear rationale
  20. We develop and improve our services by working in partnership with other organisations
  21. We share knowledge with our customers and where appropriate, other organisations
  22. We set overall objectives for service delivery which we regularly review to ascertain how our performance affects our customers
  23. We support continuous improvement – we are able to demonstrate that we learn from our experience and make improvements to our services as a result
  24. We ensure we recruit the right people with a customer focused attitude by using effective and appropriate recruitment methods in line with equality of opportunity principles
  25. Our people understand their role within our organisation and are clear about what we expect from them
  26. Our people have the necessary skills to effectively understand and meet customer needs
  27. We use customer feedback to evaluate our peoples' performance
  28. We regularly review and appraise our people to ensure they are developed to perform their job effectively
  29. Our people have training and development which is evaluated to ensure it has a positive impact on customer delivery
  30. We act in the best interests of our customers at all times
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