Banks and banking

Banks in the UK are subject to Government regulations, you cannot simply walk into a bank and open an account. There are requirements that must be fulfilled. You cannot start to open an account until you are in London. UK students are attractive customers and most UK Banks offer competitive deals. Students should compare them for the best deals on gifts, benefits, facilities, overdrafts and rates of interest.

Opening a UK bank account

You cannot start to do anything about opening an account until you have arrived in London and have all the required documents. Because banks have to make a variety of checks on your identity, address, credit record, and then print/produce card and/or cheque book, it may take 3 weeks or more to open an account after you have presented all the required documents.

For further information please visit the following webpage Setting up a bank account in the UK

Non UK students are generally not profitable to banks, being usually only in the UK for a limited period, and may be a 'high risk' for debt on return to their home countries. Consequently you may be offered limited facilities, and should look around and compare the charges and benefits the banks will offer you.


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