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Credit control

Main functions of Credit Control

The Credit Control team is responsible for the efficient and effective collection of all income and dealing with other accounting matters in accordance with the financial regulations and financial procedures of the University.

This involves debt management of escalated current year tuition fee debtors, aged tuition fees and Hall debtors, current year student sponsors and any current debts arising from externally invoiced customers for goods or services provided by the school.

Credit control and debt management

A debt to the School is deemed to occur when a contractual obligation has been entered into for services or goods provided by the School to a customer or student.

If a debtor has not paid by the agreed due date(s) then credit control procedures will commence.

Student fee collection

All outstanding student debts relating to the current school year are the responsibility of the Fees section of the Finance Department. They will send out reminders by letter or email and will impose sanctions for non payment such as withdrawal of Library facilities, withholding of transcripts and certificates, restrictions from attending awards ceremonies and, if necessary, withdrawal from study at the School.

At the end of the school year all outstanding debtors will be passed to the Credit Control section of the Finance Department. They will send a reminder to the student of their obligations and seek immediate payment. If required they will use the School's debt collection agency and finally, if necessary, will use the legal system to contact debtors and pursue enforcement.

See the section on Fees and student finance| for more information.

Invoicing external customers for the supply of goods and services

The School's standard terms and conditions state that payment terms for all invoices are that these must be settled on or before 30 days following invoice date. Exceptions to this must be agreed in advance with the Director of Finance & Facilities.

Monthly statements will be sent out by the Credit Control team. Departments in the School who raise their own invoices will be responsible for chasing their own debtors monthly. If they are unable to get a response then they will pass the debt to the Credit Control section. The Credit Control section will send reminder letters and follow up outstanding debtors by a prescribed process which will be dictated by time and response from the debtor.

In the event of non-payment, the debt will be passed to the School's debt collection agency and all necessary action will be taken to recover this debt including legal processes.  Ultimately it is the department's responsibility to ensure that the debt is recovered and as such the value of the invoice can be charged back to the originating budget.

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