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Account codes (Budget codes)
Set up of new account codes and expense codes as needed and answer queries about which codes to use.
Contact: Liz Bunting|

Accounts payable
Deals with all processes involved in arranging cheques authorised by all departments within the School. See Accounts Payable| for more information.
Contact: Stuart Sharkey|

Accounts Payable - Payments timetable 2013 - 14 (xls)

Annual Accounts|

Aptos closing dates 2013 - 14

Aptos journal voucher form (xls) and notes (pdf)

Aptos training

Formal training courses are run periodically and are organised by training and development. One-to-one advice is available at other times.
Contact: Keith Adams| or Ali Dezyanian|



Benevolent fund
A Benevolent fund exists to help current or retired members of staff, or their dependants, in case of financial necessity. All applications are dealt with in strict confidence.
Contact: Mike Ferguson|

Brought forward balances / unspent budgets
Queries on amounts of budgets and budget balances brought forward from previous years.
Contact: Liz Bunting| or Ellen Fraser|

Budget queries / Aptos access
Deal with queries about amounts reflected in Aptos and do journals if necessary to correct the accounts. Set up Aptos access for new budget holders and amend access to account codes.
Contact: Liz Bunting
|Contact: Ellen Fraser|



Email: financecomments@lse.ac.uk|


Debtors, current year
Chasing customers for payment of invoices.
Contact: credit.control@lse.ac.uk|

Debtors, previous years
Credit Control deals with all enquiries about outstanding debts which are outside the current year.
Contact: credit.control@lse.ac.uk|

Department / Admin budgets & training
Queries on amounts of budgets and balances brought forward from previous years.
Contact: L.Bunting@lse.ac.uk| for academic budgets, or E.Fraser@lse.ac.uk| for administration budgets.

Departmental Allocations
A fund provided for each academic department, calculated by reference to staff and student numbers.
Contact: L.Bunting@lse.ac.uk|




Expense Claims
Queries relating to expenses claims or to obtain relevant forms should be made through paymentqueries@lse.ac.uk|


Fees: Current year
Tuition fees raised for the current academic year.
Contact: fees@lse.ac.uk|

Fees: Previous year
Contact: Credit.control@lse.ac.uk|

Fees: General management
Contact: Glenn Ruane|

Financial forecasts
The School is required to submit a set of financial forecasts covering the current and the following four years.
Contact: Mike Ferguson|

Foreign currency / travellers cheques
ContactSherry Vaid  |



Higher Education Funding Council Returns

  • HESA return
    This return analyses income and expenditure in greater detail than the annual accounts.
    Contact: Ashley Wang


Insurance, general
Advice on the insurance aspects of new areas of activity.
Contact: Ashley Wang|

Insurance, claims
For all claim forms.
Contact: Kristy Rottenberry|

Queries concerning investment policy.
Contact: Ashley Wang|


Journals & publications accounts
Advice on the accounting aspects of journals & publications




Student loans - Credit Control Section arranges the collection of all loans given to students, and offers advice on payment.

LSE customer invoicing
Raising invoices for non fee-related items.
Contact: Credit.control@lse.ac.uk|


Management Accounting

ContactAndrew Gladin|, Liz Bunting|, Ellen Fraser| or Ioannis Tsolkas|


Queries about pay are dealt with by the Human Resources Division.
Contact: hr.pay.info@lse.ac.uk|

Petty cash
Ensures all petty cash claims and cash balance equals float on a daily basis. Maintaining a spreadsheet of expenditure.
Contact: cashiers@lse.ac.uk|

Matters relating to the School's pension schemes, SAUL and USS, are dealt with by the Human Resources Division.
Contact: Laura Edge| or Louisa Loughlin|

Purchasing services
Issue all competitive tenders, provide purchasing training, general purchasing advice, plus contractual terms, specifications, and negotiations. Maintenance of purchasing policy, strategy, guidelines and list of official School suppliers.
Contact: purchasing@lse.ac.uk|
See also: Purchasing Services|


Removal expenses
The payment of removal costs and travel expenses, where agreed, of new staff employed.
Contact: Rudy Ghosh|

Queries about research grants are dealt with the Research Division.
Contact: Research|



Sales/invoice receipting
Processing incoming payments for fees.
Contact: fees@lse.ac.uk|

Schedule D payments
Liaison with the Inland Revenue concerning self employed persons (Schedule D).
Contact: Stuart Sharkey|

Student loans
See Loans| (above)


Trust funds
Provide financial statements on request.
Contact: Ashley Wang|


Issues covering compliance, partial exemption scheme, queries from Customs and advice to different areas of the School.
Contact: Steve Parsons|


Finance Division web-pages
Contact: Rebecca Sage| / Ali Dezyanian| / Glenn Ruane|