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Aptos 9

Aptos is the main financial system used by the School. It is used to record and process all of the School’s income, expenditure, assets an liabilities. Examples of items recorded are customer and supplier invoices, issue of payments, income received and budgets. Aptos is provided by BPlan-UK, who are based in Basingstoke, and is used by a number of other UK universities. The UNIT-e Excel add in allows budget holders to access information via a spreadsheet (Statements 4).

Types of Aptos User

Staff that need to process transactions into the financial system directly are given access to Aptos 9. These staff work in Finance, Research, Residences or an area that raise their own sales invoices.

The majority of staff with financial responsibilities within the School, such as budget holders and controllers, do not access Aptos directly. To monitor their budgets these staff have access to a user friendly Excel based report called Statements4. For more information on the reports available to budget holders and how to gain access please visit the Statements4 webpage.

Gaining Access to Aptos 9

To obtain an Aptos user account your line manager should send written authorisation to that includes your name, network ID and details of permissions required. If the new user account is the same as, or replacing, an existing Aptos user then please state which Aptos user we should base the permissions of the new user on. 

If an Aptos user’s role changes or they leave the School then their manager should inform

For details on how to gain access to Statements4 please access the Statements4 webpage.

Installing Aptos on your Machine

The Systems Accounting Team are not responsible for installations of Aptos, for assistance please contact the IT Service Desk,


Please contact the Systems Accounting Team at who can arrange training for both Aptos 9 and Statements4 users.