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Statements4 is a spreadsheet that enables the user to produce reports from Aptos, the School’s financial database. Access to the information is ‘read only’, so it is not possible to change any information within Aptos via Statements4.

Accessing Statements4

Statements4 user accounts and permissions are maintained by Management Accounts. To obtain a user account you will need to complete and return an access request form which should be signed by the budget controller.

For instructions on how to run Statements4 please refer to the Statements4_Reference_Manual [PDF] or contact


All Statements4 support queries should be sent to To assist us with your query please also include a screenshot of any error messages. A number of solutions to frequently asked support questions are included in the Statements4_Reference_Manual [PDF], which may be able to resolve your issue before you contact Systems Accounting.

Reference Manual

The Statements4_Reference_Manual [PDF] is embedded within the Excel report and can also be accessed from the website below. The user manual has recently been revised and includes information on the following:

  • Background to Statements4
  • How to access Statements4
  • How to change your password
  • Aptos terminology
  • How to use the reports
  • Frequently asked questions
  • Glossary of transaction types
  • List of expense codes

Useful Documents

Statements4_Reference_Manual [PDF]

New Signature and Aptos Access Authorisation Form [PDF]