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The Ethics Code

The Ethics Code is a set of six core principles underpinning life at the LSE. All members of the LSE community, including students, staff and governors, are expected to behave in line with the following principles:

  • Responsibility and Accountability: we will uphold this Code and be accountable for following it.
  • Integrity: we will demonstrate independence, consistency, honesty, and transparency in all our activities. 
  • Intellectual freedom: we will defend and promote the freedom to pursue, advance, and disseminate knowledge and ideas. 
  • Respect: we will treat people with dignity, promote equality of opportunity, and celebrate diversity. 
  • Collegiality: we will maintain a scholarly community based on consultation, participation, and good citizenship. 
  • Sustainability: we will manage our resources in ways that meets the need of the present without compromising the options of future generations.

The Code is accompanied by a set of ethical guidelines that aim to show how each principle should apply in practice, and is implemented through the School’s various existing policies and procedures. 

Research Ethics

The School's Research Ethics Policy| is available on the Policies and Procedures site. For further information on research ethics, and guidance on ethical considerations regarding research projects, see the dedicated pages on the Research Division webpages|.